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Old February 21st, 2007 #1
Donnie in Ohio
Switching to glide
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Donnie in Ohio
Default Beer review

I've noticed that this sub-forum does not get a lot of use, but this is the obvious place for this post. I like beer I have been an avid home brewer for years, and also like to sample beers from local/regional micro-breweries, as well as foreign offerings. I thought I would start a thread reviewing various brews. It would be great if other beer aficionados would add their own. Right now, I'm having a Pale Ale from the Columbus Brewing Company. Advertised on the carrier as "copper-colored with a dry finish", it comes from a micro-brewery built in the brewery district of Columbus, Ohio in 1988. I purchased it at Giant Eagle, which has a very impressive selection. Cost was towards the high end, $8.99 a sixer. The color of the beer is indeed copper, although I find it quite a few shades darker than most brews that bill themselves as "Pale Ales". The head is light tan in color, and clings stubbornly to the glass, like a Jew clinging to a lie. A slight citrus element is present, along with a heavy hop aroma. They use a mixture of German and American malts, and American grown hops. The first thing you notice is that this beer has a lot of hops. It has a crisp and woodsy undertone that compliments an almost over-the-top heavy hop presence. The finish is clean with no discernable aftertaste. This would be a good beer to introduce someone who is just moving past "Bud Light" on the beer quality meter to, as it is pretty tame with easy drink-ability, but the heavy hop signature might turn some beer neophytes off. I give it a 6.5 on a 1-10 scale. It's a passable representation of the style, but more than a few better Pale Ales are out there. Website: WWW.COLUMBUSBREWING.COM
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