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Default "Dark Forces' (Rasputin)

Who really killed Rasputin and why? Rixon Stewart's excellent piece looks at the big picture and reaches some surprising conclusions. Excerpt below but the whole article is one to read and share.


“Dark Forces”

Rixon Stewart – December 5, 2004

...For Rasputin had a destiny which few can envy or aspire to. Had he fulfilled it he would have changed the course of history, literally. For in the years prior to the revolution, Rasputin was quietly trying to persuade Russia’s imperial rulers to sue for peace with Germany.

Too many ordinary Russians were dying, he told them and the Tsarina, at least, was listening.

Russia itself had suffered a series of colossal defeats at the hands of the Germany army. Coupled with food shortages and political agitation, a climate of political unrest was brewing that eventually led to the 1917 Russian revolution.

However, if Rasputin had been able to persuade the Romanov’s to make peace with Germany things might have been very different. Russian troops would have then returned home and political tensions might have eased to the point that there may not even have been a revolution. And the consequences of that would have been enormous.

Just think about that for a moment, because the entire face of the twentieth century would have been transformed. Not only would hostilities have been brought to a close on the eastern front, but also with troops and supplies from the Eastern Front transferred across Europe, Germany may even have secured victory on the Western Front.

Moreover, the ramifications stretch well beyond World War I and the 1917 Russian revolution. For example there may never have been a Second World War or a Chinese revolution. And along with Vietnam and Korea, the numerous other regional conflicts that marked the Cold War may never have happened.

The same applies to the founding of Israel and the various conflicts in the Middle East that followed that.

So if Rasputin had persuaded Russia’s imperial family to sue for peace much of what characterised the last century may never have happened. Which is why it was of the utmost importance for the Illuminati to stop him.

Had he succeeded, Rasputin would have struck at the very heart of their power. Which in essence, is founded on a principle so compelling and persuasive because it is so simple: turn brother against brother, one nation against another, sell them arms, then fuel their animosity and profit from the resulting conflict. In short, divide and rule...



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