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Old August 27th, 2012 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default National Socialist Movement


Commander Jeff Schoep (pronounced “SCOOP”) of the National Socialist Movement (NSM – recently expressed dismay at the alleged criminal acts of former member, Josh Davenport, a past member of NSM’s Nevada Unit.

According to Commander Schoep, because of Davenport’s "lack of mutual 'fit,' Josh resigned NSM on June 13, 2012. This was initially accepted with regret by all.” However, because of further interpersonal issues coming under increasing scrutiny, Davenport’s resignation became considered for administrative dismissal even before his resignation was fully accepted. According to Captain Schneider, NSM Region 1 Director, “Davenport’s dismissal was almost simultaneous to his resignation.” Schneider adds that, "Our organization only endorses actions that are pro-White and pro-legal. It is regrettable that Mr. Davenport seems to have acted otherwise.”

Harry Hughes, NSM Region 11 Director also expressed his regret. “I am greatly disappointed that someone with such potential chose to make the decisions he supposedly did.”

The National Socialist Movement in accordance with U.S. law believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we remain without further comment on the matter until it is proven or disproven in a court of law.

The National Socialist Movement is the largest pro-White civil rights organization in America. It has chapters across America, and affiliates around the world.

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Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

So dysfunctional it makes me want to put my Stormfront Tinfoil Justice Hat on and say they are a Judenscheisse front to make White men look like assholes. To which I say that is what the commercials and sitcoms are for.
Old August 27th, 2012 #3
Brent McKaskell
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Quote: "...and say they are a Judenscheisse front to make White men look like assholes..."

Yep - he sho nuff looks like an asshole to me.

and what's that fucking line crossing the top
of his head all about - Pop Here To Open?


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