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Old June 10th, 2015 #61
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Post Migrant crisis as refugee camps in Calais grow - BBC News

The United Nations has issued a new warning of a "dramatic increase" in the numbers of migrants arriving in southern Europe placing a "huge strain" on communities there.

The UN's latest estimate is that more than 100,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean from north Africa this year.

Many migrants have been heading north from camps in Italy and Greece. Those searching for work in the UK have been reaching the French port of Calais where the pressure is growing by the day.

Fergal Keane reports from Calais.

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Old June 13th, 2015 #62
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Post Paris To Open 'Welcome Centre" For Migrants Trying To Get To Britain

The Mayor of Paris has been accused of actively trying to help migrants reach Britain. Anne Hidalgo, the city’s Socialist mayor, has revealed plans for a “welcome centre” for migrants who have so far been sleeping in makeshift camps on the streets. She hopes it will offer advice on claiming asylum or “in quite a few cases” tell them how to reach the UK.

Ms Hidalgo said that due to the rising number of immigrants reaching the French capital, “a centre must be opened to deal with migrants who don’t know where to go to ask for asylum. They need a place where they can stop and think.”

The centre, which could be open “within weeks”, will house the migrants for two weeks while they decide whether to claim asylum or head to Britain.

“There are also lots of people with the means, or who muster the means, to go and join their families. We know that quite a few refugees have family in Great Britain,” Hidalgo added.

The plans drew criticism from France’s opposition conservative party, which recently renamed itself The Republicans, with former Prime Minister François Fillon saying the government should “send illegal immigrants home” rather than “organising a tour of Paris”.

The Times reports that critics also warned that the camp could become a new “Sangatte of Paris” – a reference to the notorious refugee centre established outside of Calais in 1999 that became a base for people-traffickers. It closed after just three years.

Last week, police cleared around 350 migrants from camps at La Chapelle and the 18th Arrondissement in Paris amid clashes with left wing activists. Police also cleared two camps outside Calais following a brawl between Sudanese and Eritreans.

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the French cunts should be deporting them back to where they entered france from
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Post "Diversity' Threat to Kill Truckers as UK Drivers Fear for Their Lives in Calais

Some lorry drivers are boycotting Calais because port is too dangerous

Driver fears 'somebody will be killed' by desperate illegal immigrants soon

One haulage firm has decided to re-route all its services through Belgium

Comes after video showed migrants storming a lorry waiting to board ferry

British lorry drivers are boycotting Calais because they fear 'somebody will be killed' by illegal immigrants desperate to get into the UK.

Drivers from Maru International haulage company are avoiding the French port, where thousands have set up make-shift homes since last year.

One lorry driver who uses the cross-channel routes said he is 'frightened for his life' by migrants, who he saw breaking into the truck in front of him with a crowbar.

Michael Pearson, a driver for the Yorkshire-based company, said: 'A group of maybe 20 or 30 people, crowbar in hand, broke the padlock off the truck in front, broke the security seal and opened the doors.

'If I think about it now, I'm in fear of my life and I'm not by myself on this, several of my colleagues also spoke about that.

'Their attitude, their whole goal is just to get to the UK irrespective of what damage, or damage to persons, vehicles, property they cause, it doesn't matter.

'They were raising fists, there was a bloke with an iron bar because I was blowing the horn to alert the driver in front that they were getting into his trailer. That's the bit they don't like, blowing your horn. I was terrified because I'm on my own and if you get out - you can't get out - because your life's in danger.

'It's only a matter of time before somebody is seriously injured, killed or windows are smashed and people are dragged out of their trucks. It's an unbelievable experience to go through.'

The firm's managing director, Vaughan Woolfitt, said the company would now be travelling through a Belgian port to avoid the immigrants at Calais.

Mr Woolfitt said: 'It is extremely intimidating and I think the French and UK authorities should be working really hard to make sure that trade is unhindered and our drivers shouldn't have to go to work fearing for their safety.'

The haulage firm's refusal to travel through Calais comes after a video emerged of migrants storming a lorry in the French port as it boarded a ferry for Britain.

The men pounced on the vehicle after lining up on the motorway and pried open its back doors when it came to a temporary halt this weekend.

The migrants stowed themselves away in the back of the lorry but are understood to have been stopped by border authorities before leaving France, The Sun reports.

Calais received a bumper sum of £12million from Britain to help increase security as thousands of migrants descended on the town last year.

Earlier this month the French police came under fire when a video emerged purporting to show them behaving violently towards migrants they caught trying to sneak onto lorries bound for the UK.

There are thought to be around 3,000 migrants sleeping rou

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Old June 14th, 2015 #65
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Post (Video) Rioting migrants yesterday- Calais to Dover port

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Old June 15th, 2015 #66
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Post Lorry driver: 'We don't have sympathy for Calais migrants'

Lorry drivers travelling through the port town of Calais, northern France, say the situation is becoming increasingly dangerous as migrants try to stow away on their vehicles.

Tommy Wallace and Robert Weir, from Northern Ireland, have been trucking for 20 years. "Somebody's going to get seriously hurt or killed," they told reporter Catrin Nye.

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Old June 15th, 2015 #67
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Post White People Are Pussies (Cont.): Illegals Storming Trucks To Stow Away To U.K., Authorities Do Nothing

John Derbyshire

June 15, 2015

I watched this horrifying video at the MailOnline website showing illegal aliens breaking into trucks about to cross the English Channel.

This is the shocking moment migrants surround a passenger coach . . .

Oh, migrants . . . Like birds heading south in winter. It’s a natural phenomenon, see? There is no way to control it!

. . . as they tried to smash their way into the back of a lorry before it boarded a ferry at Calais bound for the UK.

The dramatic footage was filmed by a passenger, who was travelling from the French port town to Dover.

As vehicles begin to queue up as they enter the port, one of the passengers on the coach begins filming as a large group of migrants approach them and one of the lorries.

After opening the truck’s back doors . . .

Apparently padlocks are unknown in Europe.

. . . at least two men can be seen climbing inside the vehicle before another four join in.

They climb over the freight inside and are forced to hold on as the driver pulls away, seemingly unaware of the stowaways in the back of his lorry.

At the same time, the tour guide on the bus can be heard trying to reassure the shocked passengers.

He says: “Basically they are not allowed in the country.” [Tourists’ terror at Calais: Coach passengers capture shocking footage as migrants surround their vehicle and smash their way onto a lorry heading to the UK by Jennifer Newton; MailOnline, June 15th 2015.]

The tour guide is lying, of course. As with the U.S.A., these invaders are allowed in the country. At any rate, once they have successfully made the Channel crossing as stowaways like this, there is only around a one percent chance they will be deported.

“Don’t panic guys, we have locked all of the doors. Try not to panic guys.”

One of the shocked passengers asks: “This is hardcore man. Do they not police this?”

Someone replies: “No.”

Well, at least one person understands the situation.

Eventually the other migrants who have crowded around the lorry slam the back doors shut after appearing to realise they too are unable to climb on board.

Meanwhile several others begin pulling at the side of the truck as the gasps from the coach passengers are audible with one remarking: “This is what we’ve seen on TV.”

The migrants then start to circle the coach, and a burly tourist is asked to come to the front apparently to help guard the door.

Guard the door, yeah . . .

The footage of last week’s incident has been uploaded to YouTube by coach passenger Jenny Adams, a bank worker from New Zealand.

She has been spending the past year travelling around the world with her husband Dave, 26, with the pair keeping a blog.

He wrote: “Returning from Europe yesterday we encountered a group of refugees . . .”

. . . who’ve set up camp just outside the Calais port.

“The refugees, who are desperate to cross the channel into the UK for better work opportunities and safety as they escape their own countries, began rioting by setting up ro

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Old June 15th, 2015 #68
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Post UN Chief Lectures Britain: Take More Migrants

Britain should take in more Mediterranean migrants, a senior UN official has said.

Peter Sutherland, who is the UN Secretary General’s special representative on international migration, said the UK was not accepting its fair share, adding that unless it allowed more in it risked creating a climate of “xenophobia and racism”.

He also said that the UK was more negative towards immigration than other nations because the positive case had never been “properly explained”.

Sutherland, who is a former Attorney General of Ireland and chairman of Goldman Sachs International, told the BBC: “The Germans and the Swedes are taking far more per capita than the United Kingdom, and a fair settlement of this issue on the basis of objective criteria – population, GDP, unemployment, whatever issues you think may be appropriate – seems to be a reasonable way of dealing with this.”

His comments were condemned, however, by Conservative MP Andrew Percy, who told the Daily Mail: “These United Nations people should stop mouthing off about things that are none of their business. They are unelected; they don’t represent anyone and they should stop what seems to be a very anti-British sentiment.

“What is happening in the Mediterranean is incredibly sad, but the only beneficiary of this policy of taking in more migrants would be the people smugglers who profit from this horror.

“If we create a route of entry, then that will only encourage more people to take the risk. We need to provide assistance at source, which is what we are doing through our aid budget.”

Former International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell agreed: “Britain has been a leader of the international relief effort for these enormous migration crises. Britain has contributed more humanitarian support than practically the whole of the EU.

“We are putting our shoulder to the wheel. Were the Government to start welcoming migration from Syria and some of these very difficult places in Africa, public support for Britain’s development policy would start to evaporate.”

Sutherland’s intervention is the latest in a string of declarations by UN officials against Britain.

Last month François Crépeau, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights of migrants, said the UK could “take the path of Nazi Germany” if the Conservatives pulled out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Meanwhile, last year UN special rapporteur Rashida Manjoo claimed Britain was the most “in your face” sexist country in the world. Her evidence for this assertion was the women were wolf-whistled in the street and government cuts, which she claimed increased society’s entrenched sexism.

Two years ago Brazilian Raquel Rolnik, UN rapporteur for housing, also blasted the government’s austerity policy, saying spending cuts violated people’s human rights. Her outburst led to her being dubbed the “Brazil nut”.

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Old June 15th, 2015 #69
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Post Tourists shocked by migrants climbing into UK bound lorry

Tourists on a coach were shocked to see several migrants climbing into the back of a lorry at Calais bound for the UK.

The incident was caught on video and one person was heard to gasp as around six men managed to get on board the lorry, which was queuing to board a ferry at the French port.

A passenger filmed as a large number of migrants surrounded the vehicle which was directly in front of the coach.

A tour guide tried to reassure the passengers, saying: "Don't panic guys. We've locked all the doors. Try not to panic guys."

One of the shocked passengers asks: "This is hardcore man. Do they not police this?"

Some of the migrants apparently got very close to the coach. A passenger said: "Shivers we nearly ran over someone, eh", adding "holey moley".

The other migrants who crowded around the lorry then slammed the back doors shut after appearing to realise they were unable to climb on board.

Some were also seen trying to pull side panels off the lorry.

The video was filmed by Jenny Adams, from New Zealand, who has been travelling with her husband Dave.

Mr Adams wrote on their blog: "Returning from Europe we encountered a group of refugees who’ve set up camp just outside the Calais port.

"The refugees, who are desperate to cross the channel into the UK for better work opportunities and safety as they escape their own countries, began rioting by setting up road blocks and began climbing into the hollows of trucks, breaking windows & opening side panels looking for supplies."

He added: "Behind our coach many of the migrants began to climb over the car of a solo elderly woman which would have been very traumatic."

He said his wife "had to stop filming when one of the refugees sees her filming and threatens to throw a rock through the windscreen".

He also wrote: "Moments after the video ends the migrants began to flee as French police arrived in riot gear, searching trucks and directing the refugees back towards their camp."

Around 2,500 migrants, mostly from Sudan, Eritrea and Syria, live in a makeshift tent village in Calais known as "the jungle".

Mr Adams said despite being shocked about the incident he also felt sympathy for the migrants.

He wrote: "Though we were initially shocked & alarmed, as you can hear in the video because this happening is so foreign to us, our heart truly does go out to the people of the Calais migrant camp."

Mr Adams went on: "We were really lucky that our driver had locked our luggage compartments underneath the bus (or our belongings would be long gone) & that they did not figure out the emergency open switch on the back door which would have allowed them to board.

"Generally the refugee camps tend to be harmless but on this day they group seemed to have an extra level of desperation."

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Old June 16th, 2015 #70
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Post Rioting Migrants Attempt to Hijack Trucks Heading for UK


Shocking footage filmed in the French port town of Calais shows desperate migrants attempting to break into delivery trucks heading to the United Kingdom in another illustration of how the country's generous welfare system acts as a beacon for illegal aliens.

The clip shows huge gangs of migrants roaming around on a highway attempting to attack vehicles.

Police or immigration authorities are nowhere to be seen as migrants rip open the back door of a truck before attempting to pull down its contents to make their way inside, while others try to pull off an underside panel.

A tour guide on the bus from where the footage is being filmed tells passengers, "Don't panic guys, we have locked all of the doors. Try not to panic guys.

Passengers are heard gasping in shock, with one commenting, "This is what we've seen on TV."

The migrants are keen to reach the UK because they can exploit the country's generous welfare system and obtain a much higher standard of living than in France, where they are forced to reside in a makeshift tent village in Calais known as "the jungle".

Around 2,500 migrants live in the tent village, with most of them coming from Sudan, Eritrea, Libya and Syria.

The situation is so dire that a leading haulage group warned earlier this month that freight carriers could suspend supplies going through Calais altogether, causing food shortages and massive price hikes.

Donald Armour, International Affairs Manager at the Freight Transport Association, told the Daily Express that the UK supply chain is "in danger of collapsing" as a result of drivers refusing to go through Calais.

Last month, Maru International haulage company announced that they were boycotting Calais over fears that "somebody will be killed" by migrants attempting to enter the UK.

However, Goldman Sachs Chairman and UN Special Representative for Migration Peter Sutherland said yesterday that Britain should take in more migrants in order to avoid creating an environment of "xenophobia and racism".


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Old June 16th, 2015 #71
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Post (Video) Calais migrants in limbo between UK & France, officials shift blame

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Old June 17th, 2015 #73
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Post Nigel Farage warns of migrant "exodus" reaching "Biblical proportions" as Africans including one in Union Jack sleeping bag spend a sixth night on rocks by French border

Ukip leader claims common EU asylum policy has made Britain easy access for ISIS

Violent clashes continuing between police and migrants on Italian-French border

Pope Francis says those who 'close the door' on migrants should ask for forgiveness from God

Nigel Farage has warned that the flow of migrants from North Africa to Europe could reach 'biblical proportions' - and many may end up in Britain.

The Ukip leader said the asylum rules put in place by the EU were so loose 'millions' of people could be granted the right to stay over the next few years.

The influx posed a major security risk of infiltration by jihadists, and the UK's opt-out from the Schengen borderless zone did not offer adequate protection, he argued.

The comments, in an interview with LBC radio, came as David Cameron held talks with Italian premier Matteo Renzi in Milan about the crisis and proposals to redistribute 60,000 asylum seekers across EU states.

Mr Farage said: 'I tried to make this a general election issue but nobody really wanted to listen.

'The fact is we now have the beginning of an exodus of people coming from North Africa that could even reach biblical proportions.

'The EU's response has been to put in place a common EU asylum policy. The definitions of what qualifies as asylum are so wide we may well be talking about millions of people over the next few years.

'The Government says it's OK, don't listen to Mr Farage because we are opted out of EU asylum policy. But all the Italians have to do is give people who come an EU passport and then any of them can come to Britain.

'There is a problem with numbers but there is an even more serious problem and that is that Isis have been absolutely frank in saying that they will use this migration of people to put jihadist fighters into Europe.

'It takes us back to the beginning. It takes us back to what this referendum is going to be all about. Do we want as a country to control our own borders or not?'

Mr Farage's comments were juxtaposed by those made by Pope Francis in speaking at his weekly general audience in the Vatican.

The leader of the Catholic Church told the 'people and institutions' who close the door on migrants that they should seek forgiveness from God for their actions, issuing a call for respect for those fleeing their troubled homelands around the world.

Speaking in a sombre tone, Pope Francis said: 'I invite you all to ask forgiveness for the persons and the institutions who close the door to these people who are seeking a family, who are seeking to be protected.

'These brothers and sisters of ours are seeking refuge far from their lands, they are seeking a home where they can live without fear.'

He then asked for prayers that their 'human dignity always be respected' and urged the international community to 'work together and efficiently to prevent the causes of forced migration'.

Both comments came as police and migrants met in violent clashes on the French-Italian border, where those

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Post One policeman against 100 migrants: French officers release video showing the impossible odds they face trying to stop stowaways getting into lorries at Calais

Motorcycle footage shows scores of people running along motorway

When they see officer approach, they leap over fences into thick bushes

Making their way to the UK after fleeing from Africa and the Middle East

Policeman says clip shows 'what a chaotic and dangerous task we have'

Riot police in the French port of Calais today released a video illustrating the 'chaotic and dangerous' task of dealing with thousands of UK-bound migrants.

It follows regular claims that the officers are too heavy-handed with crowds of asylum seekers who spend their days trying to break into the back of lorries on busy motorways.

In fact, the police are often stretched to breaking point, with the video showing a single officer trying to deal with dozens of young men by himself.

'He's caught out in the middle of a busy road, with just a tear gas canister to try and clear the migrants,' said a one of the officers who supplied the video, which was filmed earlier this week.

'The video shows what a chaotic and dangerous task we have.'

The Republican Security Company (CRS) patrol-man has to speed along a motorway on the hard shoulder and in the wrong direction in order to get to a colleague who is in trouble.

Migrants were filmed all along the road, and especially around an HGV lorry which has had its back doors pulled open.

Migrants can be seen threatening the police, before clambering over crash barriers and fencing to avoid arrest.

The Calais authorities launched an investigation last month after French police were caught on camera physically attacking migrants.

A video showed officers kicking, pushing and threatening the men with truncheons as they try to sneak aboard lorries.

At one stage a migrant was sprayed in the face with anti-riot gas, while others were seen desperately running away from armed officers.

Calais Migrant Solidarity, the film makers, said that 'everyday police brutality' was one of the reasons so many migrants wanted to get to Britain.

Others are the benefits available to would-be asylum seekers in the UK as they wait to have their cases heard.

There are currently up to 3000 migrants sleeping rough in the Calais area, and police are regularly ordered to raze their makeshift camps.

Despite this, hundreds arrive by the week from war-torn countries including Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, as well as Afghanistan and Syria.

All play a daily game of cat and mouse with the authorities as they try to get to England, where they will claim asylum or begin work in the black economy.

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Old June 18th, 2015 #75
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Post Brits driving through Calais warned not to stop for petrol over migrants crisis

British tourists urged to avoid filling up for petrol in the French port town

Also told to not stop in motorway rest areas as migrants grow desperate

Armed mob brought a motorway near the port to a standstill yesterday

Also flare-ups between migrants and police that left one officer injured

British holidaymakers risk 'running the gauntlet' by driving through Calais and have been advised to lock their doors and windows if they travel in the French port town.

They have also been urged to avoid stopping in motorway rest areas and to fill up on petrol in advance as the migrants massed in Calais are becoming increasingly desperate.

An armed mob yesterday brought a motorway near the port to a standstill and attacked trucks, as well hurling stones and bags onto roads to slow the traffic.

There were also renewed flare-ups between migrants and police that left one officer injured.

This week also saw a shocking video showing immigrants swarming around trucks in front of stunned tourists on a coach.

The situation has become so grave some lorry drivers are taking enormous detours - as much as 100 miles into Holland - to avoid the difficulties they encounter at the port.

Around 2,500 migrants, mostly from Sudan, Eritrea and Syria, live in a makeshift tent village in Calais known as 'the jungle'.

Some have said the situation is so appalling they would prefer to die trying to escape it and sneak into Britain.

Paul Watters from the Automobile Association said: 'Having to run the gauntlet on the roads through Calais is not exactly a great way to start or end a holiday in France.

'These are desperate people and they are taking desperate measures.'

He went on to say mobile homes and caravans were the most at risk and stopping in motorway rest areas on the road up to Calais was ill-advised.

'We are advising drivers with caravans and mobile homes to take precautions are make sure their doors and windows are locked,' he told the Local. 'Filling up on petrol in advance is a good idea and give yourself plenty of time to get to the port.

'Awareness is the big thing. People on holiday are relaxed and they sometimes forget this kind of stuff.'

Similar warnings are posted on the UK government's foreign travel advice website.

A warning reads: 'There are large numbers of illegal migrants in and around Calais, who may seek to enter the UK illegally.

'Although local police patrols have been reinforced, you should keep vehicle doors locked in slow moving traffic and secure your vehicle when it is left unattended.'

Last week, it emerged as much as £10million worth of fresh fruit and vegetables has been dumped this year alone because migrants have broken into lorries en route to Britain.

Food is being thrown away after being rejected by shops and distributors who are worried about a 'risk of contamination' from migrants.

Drivers from Maru International haulage company have already began boycotting Calais because they fear 'somebody will be killed' by illegal

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Post Reports of British Drivers Being Stabbed by Calais Migrants, as Truckers Warn Someone Will Soon Be Killed

A British lorry driver has claimed that his colleagues have been stabbed and beaten by “intimidating” migrants as they pass through the French port of Calais. His testimony is the latest in a long line of warnings from drivers who are fearful that someone will be killed by the mobs of migrants prowling around the port town.

Tommy Harrison said that conditions in the port had reached a crisis point two years ago. Now he’s seeing a further escalation in matters as the migrants, determined to make their way into the UK, grow more belligerent, the Express has reported.

“Drivers are being stabbed,” he said. “I had a friend who suffered a cracked rib and broken eye socket as a result of being attacked.”

He added that despite the risks, many drivers feel they have no choice but to carry on in their jobs as they have families to support and mortgages to service.

A video posted to YouTube by a Bulgarian truck driver just two days ago shows hundreds of migrants lining the roads into Calais waiting for an opportunity to jump aboard the lorries passing by. As soon as the traffic slows, both men and women swarm the vehicles to bust open the doors and climb aboard.

“It’s quite intimidating,” said Harrison, “particularly when you’re faced with 10 to 15 of them. On Monday, they created their own roadblock, so truckers had to stop, then suddenly they found themselves surrounded by 150 migrants.”

This isn’t the first time that drivers, who face big fines if they are caught with illegal stowaways aboard, have reported being attacked by the migrants. Last July British driver Ben Irwin warned “it won’t be long before someone gets killed” after he was attacked by migrants outside the port.

Mr Irwin, a courier driver from Derby, used his vehicle to try to stop migrants clambering aboard the lorry in front of him. For his troubles, he was rounded on by the migrants.

“There were around 300 immigrants crowding around the lorries, trying to get in,” he said. “When I refused to back up, they became very aggressive and started battering and pushing my vehicle to try and get in.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s so dangerous. It was terrifying.

“Lorry drivers live in fear of this happening. I’ve heard of drivers being beaten half to death after trying to stop immigrants from entering their vehicles.

“It won’t be long before someone gets killed.”

In May of this year, drivers working for the Maru International haulage company declared that they are boycotting Calais, as they too are fearful that someone will be killed.

The Daily Mail reported how Michael Pearson, a driver for the Yorkshire-based company, feared for his life when a mob broke into a truck. He said:

“A group of maybe 20 or 30 people, crowbar in hand, broke the padlock off the truck in front, broke the security seal and opened the doors.

“If I think about it now, I’m in fear of my life and I’m not by myself on this, several of my colleagues also spoke about that. Their attitude, their whole goal is just t

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"Calais migrants"

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Post Farmer wages one-man battle against the surge of 'hundreds' of illegal immigrants he finds running through his land in their bid to get into the UK by rounding them up

Father-of-four Chris Gadsden, 60, runs ten acre farm in Toddington, Beds

He said stowaways trek across land after being dropped at nearby services

Farmer seizes them, ties them up and then takes them to the police station

Mr Gadsden, dubbed the Farminator, seized 30 Somalis and six Vietnamese men just last week

A farmer is taking the migrant crisis into his own hands by rounding up 'hundreds' of suspected stowaways who have hidden in his fields.

Chris Gadsden, who lives 125 miles away from Dover, says he has collared up to 50 migrants in the past month alone as part of his one-man patrol on his land in rural Bedfordshire.

The 60-year-old claims the suspected illegal immigrants traipse through his land after being dropped off at the nearby M1 services, which are 400 yards away.

Mr Gadsden- who found one man hiding in a drain pipe - then rounds up the alleged criminals before handing them over to police and even sometimes driving them to the station himself.

The father of foursaid the sheer number of suspected illegal immigrants on his land - which he said included 30 Somalis just last week - demonstrates how quickly the problem is spreading into the British countryside.

He said: 'It feels like the authorities have lost control of the situation in Calais - and now they're in danger of the same thing happening hundreds of miles away in Bedfordshire.'

Mr Gadsden said he has sympathy for the immigrants and regularly gives them food and drink while they wait to be questioned by officers.

But he said he has sometimes had to tie the detainees up with rope for his own protection.

He was also forced to brandish his shotgun when he was confronted by 30 suspected illegal immigrants at his own home.

Mr Gadsden said: 'I've been finding them for years. But it's gone mad recently. There's supposed to be a system in place to stop them sneaking in but it obviously isn't working, so I have to do it myself.

'It's not a race thing. My problem is they're sneaking in and breaking our laws.'

Mr Gadsden, who has been dubbed the Farminator over his actions, claims that his hometown of Toddington has become a 'regular stop-off' for immigrants.

He said they flee from lorries when they are dropped at the Toddington Services on the northbound M1 before walking through his land in a bid to illegally enter the UK.

The service station is one of the first stops for lorry drivers coming from the Port of Dover.

Most of the time, Mr Gadsden said he takes the suspected illegal immigrants back to his house. But he said that, on one occasion, a large group turned up at his property, looking for one of the people he had arrested.

When they pushed past him, he was forced to get his gun out.

He said: 'It's frightening not knowing who's out there and what their intentions are. But they're usually more frightened of me and I know how to look after myself.'

But he added: 'Most of them just sit in the garden and wait for officers to arrive. We give them a drink and someth

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Old June 23rd, 2015 #79
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Post French wildcat strikes close Calais and the Channel Tunnel amid reports migrants are exploiting the traffic chaos to sneek onto trucks bound for Britain

Ferry staff burn tyres on road to Tunnel and block access to French port

Witnesses say migrants are massing near tailbacks of UK-bound trucks

Police forced to move in to stop refugees jumping on board in the chaos

British cross-Channel ferry travellers are also facing major disruption

French wildcat strikes closed the Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel today – sparking reports migrants are exploiting the traffic chaos to try to sneek into Britain.

Around 100 workers from MyFerryLink burned tyres on the main road leading to the tunnel and blocked the French port in a row over redundancy.

The protest caused long tailbacks on the A16 motorway which witnesses said had attracted scores of refugees looking to clamber on board stationary trucks bound for the UK.

Police have been forced to move in to protect the vehicles, it was reported by The Local.

British cross-Channel ferry travellers are also facing disruption, with all ferry services to and from the Port of Dover being affected by the strike, which started at the northern French port at 3.50am.

A spokesman for the British port said the situation was being monitored closely amid hopes that ferry services would return to normal operations 'as soon as possible'.

Calais has become the focus of attention recently as migrant numbers close to the port have swelled to more than 3,000 since April.

British truckers have reported facing violence, intimidation and fears of being fined if migrants clamber on board their trucks.

Some now take lengthy detours to avoid Calais altogether.

Aid workers have reported a 'catastrophic' situation, with predictions that some 2,000 more migrants displaced from war-torn countries including Eritrea, Syria and Afghanistan could arrive in Calais over the summer.

A Port of Dover spokesman said DFDS Seaways services were still running as normal to Dunkirk.

Customers were being advised to contact their ferry operator before travelling.

And there were warnings that travellers should expect delays to services when the Port of Calais eventually re-opens.

A Port of Dover spokesman said: 'We will continue to monitor the situation closely in liaison with our ferry partners and the Port of Calais in order to resume normal operations as soon as possible.'

Around 600 French workers from MyFerryLink – formerly known as Sea France – face losing their jobs after shuttle operator Eurotunnel announced in May that it was ending its partnership with the ferry company.

'The French government must put pressure on Eurotunnel CEO Jacques Gounon,' said union chief Eric Vercoutre on Tuesday.

'We are asking that they hear our point of view. We have been betrayed,' he told AFP.

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Post People-smuggling: '100 Britons' jailed in France in past year - BBC News

Up to 100 Britons are thought to have been jailed in France in the last year for trying to smuggle migrants through Calais to the UK, the BBC has learned.

Most of them had hidden the migrants in their own cars, prosecutors say.

Car and van drivers, instead of lorry drivers, are increasingly being recruited by smuggling gangs.

The deputy prosecutor for the Calais region's main court said she saw between five and 10 smugglers from the UK every month.

Julie Colaert told the BBC's File on 4 programme that people from the UK now made up a quarter of those brought before the court - second only to smugglers from Eastern Europe.

"In the last two years we have seen more and more English smugglers," she said.

"Trafficking gangs are employing them to take people across in their own cars.

"The migrants pay a lot of money because it's sold as guaranteed passage to the UK."

Iraqis in boot

She estimated that up to 100 people from the UK had been convicted by the court in the past 12 months.

She gave an estimated figure because, she said, in France it is illegal to record statistics by nationality.

In the most recent case, Basir Haji, from Preston in Lancashire, was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

He was caught at the Calais ferry terminal with two Iraqi men hiding in the boot of his car.

He admitted agreeing to smuggle them to the UK for £500 (698 euros).

The Iraqi men told the police that their families had each paid £4,500 for them to be transported to the UK.

Haji was convicted of trying to facilitate the entrance of foreign citizens in circumstances incompatible with human dignity.

Organised gangs

Haji spoke to the BBC before he was taken to a prison south of Calais.

"I'm in debt. That's why I did it. I've been playing a lot of money in the casino," he said.

The judges suspected Haji may have successfully smuggled migrants into the UK on a previous day trip to Calais, in April.

Haji told the court there were three men above him in the smuggling network.

And he told the BBC he believed the head of the gang was based in England.

Julie Colaert said that the number of Britons charged with smuggling migrants across the Channel had increased significantly in the last two years.

In the past criminal gangs had hidden migrants in lorries, but now the use of private cars and vans was more common, as people believed they were less likely to be stopped or searched.

Recruiting the smugglers

Europol, the European Union's law enforcement agency, has confirmed that organised criminal gangs and opportunistic individuals based in the UK are involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the country.

The French lawyer who represented Basir Haji at his trial said the recruitment of people smugglers had evolved in recent years.

Emmanuelle Osmont said that mafia organisations were now targeting students with financial difficulties, and bar owners and shopkeepers whose businesses were struggling.

The criminals start by presenting people-smuggling as

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