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Old December 24th, 2015 #21
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Post UK - Labour politician receives "judeophobic" Christmas card

A Labour politician has posted images on Twitter of an antisemitic, Holocaust-denying Christmas card she was sent in the post.

Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, said she had received the card on Tuesday.

It appears to show a drawing of two people, with one asking the other: “Do you still believe in Father Christmas?”

The second person replies: “Do you still believe in Holocaust?”

After Ms Creasy, who is not Jewish, posted her tweet about the card a number of users of the social media site said they had reported the episode to the Community Security Trust.

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Old December 24th, 2015 #22
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Post Probe into Islamic Courts Will Start Within Weeks Amid Fears over Spread of Sharia Law in the UK

An independent inquiry into UK Sharia courts ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May will get underway in the new year and report in 2016, it has been confirmed today.

The probe follows growing concern about how the courts operate a parallel justice system which works against women in Muslim communities.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee last week Mrs May said she was aware of concerns and promised a review to MPs.

She told the committee: ‘I am very aware that there is concern about how Sharia courts are operating in some circumstances in the UK.

‘That is why we will be doing a review.’

The independent reviewer is yet to be appointed as work continues to establish the inquiry.

Minister for Countering Extremism Lord Ahmad said today: ‘The Government is committed to an independent review to understand the extent to which Sharia may be being misused, or applied in a way which is incompatible with the law in the UK.

‘This review will be formally established shortly and we expect an initial report to be issued to the Home Secretary in 2016.’

Sharia courts in the UK have no power over criminal matters but can get involved in religious marriages.

Legal separations still have to be done by official courts but Sharia councils are thought to have ordered settlements between couples who were never formally married.

Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, told MailOnline the inquiry’s establishment was ‘very welcome’.

He said: ‘We need to be aware of what the terms of reference are and, indeed, where the practice of Sharia courts is taking place.

‘We know anecdotally the courts exist but I represent a constituency of many different faiths and no one has ever come to me and said that it’s happening in Leicester.

‘We have one law in this country and that is the law of the land, as established by Parliament. If there is any alternative method of justice that has to be looked at.’

Mr Vaz said his committee would be eager to assist in setting the inquiry terms of reference and urged a speedy appointment of the independent reviewer.

A petition calling for the banning of Sharia courts in the UK was delivered to Downing Street last month.

After delivering the petition, Maryam Namazie of the One Law for All campaign said: ‘By allowing religious courts to operate, we are saying that Muslim or Jewish women do not have the same rights as others in this country.

‘This is unacceptable.’

Topics: Britain, Islam in Europe/Asia

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Old December 24th, 2015 #23
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Post Has EU referendum been rigged already?

Has EU referendum been rigged already?


Campaigners for Britain to leave the EU could be outspent by their opponents by £6million, it emerged last night.

Rules signed off by David Cameron mean the ‘Out’ campaign will be able to spend no more than £11million in the critical final weeks of the campaign, while those pushing for Britain to stay in the EU will be allowed to spend £17million – 50 per cent more.

Eurosceptics said last night that the spending limits provided further evidence that the referendum rules are ‘stacked in favour’ of the Government, which is expected to campaign to keep Britain in.

Prime Minister David Cameron addresses the media after an European Union summit in Brussels where he is campaigning for reforms to the EU

The revelation will raise concerns that Mr Cameron, who has barred Eurosceptic ministers from speaking out during the renegotiation, is determined to win at all costs.

It follows claims that the Prime Minister plans to use provisions in the EU Referendum Act to send a dossier of ‘pro-EU’ information to every family in Britain in the run-up to the referendum.

Robert Oxley, of the Vote Leave campaign, said: ‘We know the referendum rules are stacked in favour of the Government and the pro-EU campaign. Despite the imbalance, we are confident that voters will reject project fear and vote to take control.’

Spending limits buried in the EU referendum legislation suggest that the ‘In’ campaign will be able to outgun its opponents by a large margin in the closing stages of the campaign.

The rules are based on limits set in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, which was pushed through by Tony Blair at the time he was considering a referendum on whether to join the euro. The official ‘In’ and ‘Out’ campaigns will each be allowed to spend £7million during the final ten weeks of the campaign.

But the pro-EU bias among the main parties will allow millions more to be spent by those campaigning to keep Britain in. Labour, which has its own campaign to keep Britain in the EU, led by former home secretary Alan Johnson, has a spending limit of £5.5million. The Lib Dems can spend £3million and the SNP and Greens £700,000 each, taking the total for the ‘In’ side to £16.9million.

The Conservative Party, which would have had a legal spending limit of £7million, has said it will be neutral in the campaign.

The only mainstream party pressing for Britain to leave will be Ukip, which can spend £4million, taking the ‘Out’ side’s total to £11million.

The revelations come on the heels of claims that ministers are preparing a ‘pro- EU’ dossier to distribute to every home.

Legislation allows ministers to send out information to voters on the merits of staying in the EU and the possible risks of leaving.

The information is supposed to be factual. But with Mr Cameron apparently determined to campaign to keep Britain in the EU, Eurosceptics fear it will now be

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Old December 24th, 2015 #24
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Post Anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes rise significantly in London

(JTA) — The number of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes recorded this year by police in London was 61 percent higher than in 2014.

The figures released this week by the Metropolitan Police listed 483 anti-Semitic hate crimes documented over the 12 months that preceded Nov. 1, 2015. In the previous 12-month stretch, 299 incidents were reported.

Hate crimes against Muslims, described as “Islamophobic crime” by the London police, saw a similar increase, rising to 818 over the 12 months that preceded Nov. 1, 2015 from 499 in the previous 12 months.

Commenting on the statistics, a spokesperson for the Community Security Trust, or CST, which is British Jewry’s watchdog and security service, told the Jewish News of London: “Any rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes is of concern. We hope that this reflects improved confidence amongst victims and witnesses to report hate crimes to the police as well as any rise in the number of hate crimes taking place.”

Separately, a British court last week sentenced the far-right organizer of an anti-Semitic rally in July to three years in jail for posting hateful imagery online, the Daily Mail on Dec. 17 reported.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 23, was found guilty of inciting racial hatred at Southwark Crown after he tweeted images of Auschwitz concentration camp and a bottle of weed killer ahead of the event in Golders Green, a predominantly Jewish area of north London. It was later moved elsewhere on police orders.

Also last week, Britain’s education secretary, Nicky Morgan, was reported to have decided to look into the home-schooling of children, out of concern that they are being taught anti-Semitic attitudes in semi-organized Muslim religious frameworks known as madrasas, which are considered a form of home schooling.

“For every parent doing a brilliant job, there may be someone filling their child’s mind with poison,” The Guardian quoted an unnamed senior government source as saying. “We just don’t know. We don’t have reliable figures.”

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Old December 24th, 2015 #25
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Post Christian refugees bypassed by UK, Archbishop Nichols says

Christian refugees fleeing Syria are being bypassed by the UK government, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said.

Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols said Christians were the most persecuted people, but few of them would receive sanctuary in the UK.

The government has said 20,000 refugees will be brought to Britain directly from refugee camps around Syria.

But Cardinal Nichols said most Christians did not go into the camps.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today, Archbishop Nichols said: "I can see the point in going directly to the refugee camps, but in fact I think its unintended consequence will be that there will be few, if any, Christians coming to this country.

"That is because for the most part Christian refugees do not go into the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) camps. They go to fellow Christian organisations."

He added: "If we are going to deal purely with UNHCR according to their rules, then there can be no preference given to anybody on behalf of their faith and we will simply bypass the Christian refugees, not intentionally but in fact."

It comes as the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, will say that Britain has lost its sense of proportion in relation to the refugee crisis.

In his Christmas sermon at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff he is expected to say that the "debate seems to be centred on how many refugees we should accept. We forget to ask, or perhaps we choose to forget, why there are so many refugees in the first place".

The refugees being brought to the UK will be drawn from established refugee camps, initially as part of the Vulnerable Persons Relocation (VPR) scheme.

Alongside the VPR scheme, the UK has also granted asylum or other forms of protection to 1,868 Syrians in the year ending September 2015.

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Old December 25th, 2015 #26
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Post (Video) European Union Reforms For The UK On Biased BBC Dateline London

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Old December 25th, 2015 #27
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Post Pub called the Blackcock Inn has its Facebook page suspended for 'racist or offensive language'

A pub called the Blackcock Inn has had its Facebook page banned for ‘racist or offensive language’ due to its name, according to its manager.

The watering hole has served customers in Llanfihangel Talyllyn in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, under the name since 1840 – but the social media giant banned its page after a complaint from a member of the public.

Manager Lee Garrett said he had tried to explain the situation to Facebook but had not had a reply and was not expecting the ban to be lifted.

Mr Garrett, 33, said: ‘We had a personal Facebook page because we are in a small village in a rural area. We had 450 friends and those are mostly people who live here or within reaching distance and we used it to keep them updated about what we were doing.

‘In July I had this strange phone call from a woman who said she found our name offensive and her child had to cover their eyes to avoid seeing the name.

‘Then days after I put our Christmas menu on Facebook I tried to log back in and had a notice come up on the screen saying my account was suspended because of racist or offensive language.

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Old December 25th, 2015 #28
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Post (Video) Taxed Biased BBC Admit To Receiving EU Funding Before The Brexit Referendum

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Old December 26th, 2015 #29
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Post UK Muslim schools may institute Jewish studies

The head of a British network of Islamic schools has announced that it will recommend that its members institute classes in Judaic studies in order to “reciprocate” the country’s Chief Rabbi’s recent call for Jewish schools to educate their pupils about Islam.

On Wednesday, Ashfaque Chowdhury of the 130 member strong Association of Muslim Schools told theJewish News that while he had originally intended to urge constituent schools to teach both Catholicism and Judaism, he would “primarily” push Judaism “to show respect” to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ statement.

“I also feel that amongst Abrahamic religions Islam and Judaism are most similar,” Chowdhury, who is the head teacher at a Muslim school in Luton, was quoted as saying.

Several prominent European rabbis, including Pinchas Goldschmidt, the President of the Conference of European Rabbis, had called for Muslim reciprocity in the wake of the Chief Rabbi’s call.

In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle published last week, Mirvis took a radically different position than he had expressed in the past, when he and representatives of other Orthodox organizations advocated against the push for British schools to include a second faith in their religious studies curriculum.

“It is more important than ever that our children have a better understanding of Islam and that we build strong relationships with British Muslims. As such, the chief rabbi has recommended that schools take this opportunity to teach students Islam, a faith which is widely discussed but often poorly understood in public discourse,” a spokesman for the Rabbi told the Jewish newspaper.

“The news that the Association of Muslim Schools will now be recommending to its members that they teach Judaism to their students is extremely significant,” Mirvis told the Post on Thursday.

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Old December 26th, 2015 #30
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Post System Error: UK government admits it is powerless to deport foreign criminals

The British government has admitted it cannot deport thousands of foreign criminals who refuse to fill in the paperwork necessary for their extradition.

The situation has become so desperate that the Home Office is considering offering offenders early release from their prison terms if they agree to head straight for the airport and return to their country of origin.

New figures released by the Home Office show that since 2010, 47,161 ‘Foreign National Offenders’ (FNOs) have been referred to Immigration Enforcement. Of those, just 27,876 have been sent home while the rest have the freedom to remain in the UK until they agree to comply with bureaucratic demands.

According to the Daily Mail, the Home Office was forced to reveal the farce after Conservative MP Adam Afriyie asked for the numbers of foreign nationals convicted of a crime in the UK who had been sent back to their country of origin.

Security and Immigration minister James Brokenshire produced a table with the figures. He told the Commons:

“Whilst we aim to deport foreign national offenders at the earliest opportunity not all of those referred to the home office will meet the deportation threshold, some may later be confirmed as British or exempt from Immigration Control and sum will be successful at appeal.

“Removal may also be delayed as some offenders will repeatedly refuse to comply with the deportation and documentation process, deliberately seek to flout the system to disrupt our efforts to deport them or attempt to lodge multiple appeals.

“Factors such as these can lead to deportation being delayed.”

Mr Brokenshire said new systems for “recording and monitoring” FNO referrals were being introduced but he gave no time frame for the backlog of criminals to be cleared. The government is considering allowing criminals early release in exchange for immediate deportation as one method of addressing the problem.

The minister did reveal that during the 2010/11 financial year, 83 per cent of FNOs who had been jailed and referred to Immigration Enforcement had been subsequently removed. However, by the 2014/15 financial year, this figure had fallen to 50 per cent.

Mr Brokenshire said the new system records all referrals, even those who do not meet the deportation requirements, which he said, increased the figures. He added:

“The removals shown are not a representative proportion of those referred in the same period. Those referred will not always be removable in the same year due to sentence length. The removals data will include those who have been referred prior to the period shown in the table.”

This is not the first time the UK government’s failure to remove criminals and/or visa overstayers has been exposed.

As Breitbart London has reported, 18 foreign nationals who were granted UK visas for the London 2012 Olympics had still not left the country by last August, despite each being a failed asylum seeker.

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Old December 26th, 2015 #31
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Post Paris attacks ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud 'visited UK over the summer', intelligence agencies believe

The terrorist who led the Paris terror attacks in November visited to the UK on a fake passport last year, according to reports.

It is claimed that Abdelhamid Abaaoud arrived in Kent on a false passport before travelling to London.

A senior source close to the investigation into the Paris attacks reportedly told The Sun newspaper that Mr Abaaoud had visited the UK but that they did not know why.

The Belgian national is thought to have been the ringleader of the attacks, with 10 other armed terrorists working with him.

He was killed at a police siege in the Paris suburb or Sant-Danis days after the attacks after officers followed a taxi to an address.

Seven of the attackers are believed to have been killed during the operation, which lasted six hours.

Mr Abaaoud, who is of Moroccan descent, grew up in the Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek, which is blighted by high unemployment and has a large migrant population.

He had been implicated in previous foiled attacks in France and had been sentenced to 20 years in prison in absentia, according to French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

His whereabouts in the run-up to the attacks were a source of confusion to intelligence agencies, however. He was stated by Isis to have been in Syria.

In an interview published in Isis’s English-language magazine Dabiq in February, Mr Abaaoud said he had secretly returned to Belgium to set up a “safe house” from which to plan attacks.

“The intelligence knew me from before as I had been previously imprisoned by them," he said, boasting that he had still managed to slip away after the Verviers raid,” he said, according to a translation by the BBC.

“I was even stopped by an officer who contemplated me so as to compare me to the picture, but he let me go, as he did not see the resemblance! This was nothing but a gift from Allah.”

The fighter often went by Umar al-Baljiki, an alias. As a child he attended one of Belgium's top secondary schools, Saint-Pierre d'Uccle, but dropped out.

Around 130 people were killed in the series of gun and bomb attacks around Paris.

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Old December 27th, 2015 #32
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Post UK Home Secretary defends controversial surveillance bill, says it will stop cyberbullies

Privacy advocates and tech companies are speaking out vociferously against the UK’s new surveillance bill, but the country’s Home Secretary, Theresa May, says there’s no reason to worry. In a letter obtained by The Times, May says the Investigatory Powers Bill, as it’s called, won’t be put to use for just spying on citizens. Rather, it’ll help track down online bullies and trolls.

She described cyberbullying as a "pernicious" issue and reportedly wrote: "Internet connection records would update the capability of law enforcement in a criminal investigation to determine the sender and recipient of a communication, for example, a malicious message such as those exchanged in cyberbullying."

cyberbullying is a 'pernicious' issue

According to The Times, May was responding to a question posed by a Parliament Member named James Cartlidge, who said the bill is about more than "terrorism or hacking into bank accounts." He added that trolling and online bullying are "nasty, psychological attacks that particularly affect young people."

Although the bill, often referred to as the "Snooper’s Charter," would likely help track down cyberbullies, it would also sweep up more than enough information for complete UK citizen surveillance. If passed, the bill would require all ISPs to store records of every website visited by internet users for up to a year. This record would include the basic URL of websites they visit, as well as the time of visits and the IP addresses of other computers they contact.

Opponents of the bill will likely see May’s comments merely as an attempt to masquerade the bill as a noble cause to protect the country’s youth. Whether or not the surveillance powers are used to combat cyberbulling, May’s letter does not adequately address the serious privacy issues the bill invokes. Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook penned a letter speaking out against the legislation. He specifically called out the bill’s weakening of encryption as a problem, as well as its allowing for law enforcement to hack into users’ devices under a warrant. The committee on the Investigatory Powers Bill is reviewing Cook’s and others’ comments on the legislation and is expected to follow up with thoughts in February.

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Old December 27th, 2015 #33
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Post Fears British prisoners could be radicalised and turned into jihadis while behind bars - ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) gunmen behind the Paris atrocities last month as well as two al-Qaeda

concern that British prisoners - both Muslim and non-Muslim - could be at risk from becoming radicalised while behind bars.

Earlier this month, the Government launched an investigation into whether jailed extremist preachers could be radicalising thousands of prisoners.

It is believed some may have tried to radicalise vulnerable young prisoners, while others will have helped enforce a ‘culture of separation’ inside jails, helping create extremist zones.

Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Police’s head of counter terrorism Richard Walton said there were not yet any meaningful measures to deal with the matter.

He said: "We are convicting more people, so the challenge in prisons is bigger.

"Where operations start from within prison or with somebody who has just been released from jail, you know there wasn’t much success in de-radicalising them when they were in.

"There has to be more we can do. The issue of radicalisation in prisons is a concern. Everybody needs to think what more can be done."

the Government is taking action, it says

However, the Government is taking action against the threat.

Prison governors are now expected to carry out risk assessments when working out which prisoners share cells, as well as carrying out reception and induction interviews.

Government guidance says: "Contact with prisons’ chaplaincy should take place, particularly for those whose initial assessments cause concern.

“The chaplain’s initial assessment should seek to establish longevity and knowledge of faith and look for any indication that the prisoner endorses extremist ideology or supports terrorism.”

A spokesman for the prison service said: “The Secretary of State has asked the department to review its approach to dealing with Islamist extremism in prisons and probation. This is being supported by external expertise and sits alongside the cross government work currently underway on developing de-radicalisation programmes.”

However, there still remains the concern that more could be done to deal with the matter.

And earlier this year, the former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris Phillips said cuts to prison staff could lead to an increase in homegrown terrorism.

He said: "What we have actually is a prison population that's growing.

"We have less officers generally in prisons than ever before and we also have less police officers to deal with them, so what we have is a growing haystack of extremists where we still have to find the single needle that's going to go off and do something really nasty.

"But of course we've got less people to go and look for them as well so it's a really difficult thing for the police service and prison service to deal with."

There were more than 12,000 muslim prisoners in England and Walesat the end of last year - up 120 per cent since 2002.

Of those in jail, 123 - around one per cent - were jailed for terrorism and domestic extremism.

Former prisoner and blogger Alex Cavendish argued

----- snip -----

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Old December 27th, 2015 #34
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Post Theresa May wants to see your internet history, so the Independent thought it was only fair to ask for hers....

The Home Office has refused to make Theresa May’s internet browsing history public under freedom of information rules, arguing that a request to do so is “vexatious”.

The Independent requested the Home Secretary’s work browsing history for the last week of October under the Freedom of Information Act.

Under the new Investigatory Powers Bill announced by Ms May the internet browsing history of everyone in the UK will have to be stored for a year and police and security services will be able to access the list of visited websites without any warrant.

The Home Secretary described such information, which her department refused to release in relation to her, as “the modern equivalent of an itemised phone bill". Itemised phone bills have previously been released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Freedom of Information Act is in theory supposed to allow for information held by government bodies to be disclosed, subject to certain conditions.

On 4 November the Independent invoked the Act to ask the Home Office to disclose “‘the web browser history of all web browsers on the Home Secretary Theresa May's GSI network account for the week beginning Monday 26 October”.

The only reason given by officials against disclosure of Ms May’s browsing history was that the request for transparency was a “scattergun” approach conducted “without any idea of what might be revealed”.

If the Department had agreed to the request, it would have shown a list of websites visited on the Home Secretary’s computer account for a week.

“We have considered your request and we believe it to be vexatious. Section 14(1) of the Act provides that the Home Office is not obliged to comply with a request for information of this nature,” officials said in a response.

“We have decided that your request is vexatious because it places an unreasonable burden on the department, because it has adopted a scattergun approach and seems solely designed for the purpose of ‘fishing’ for information without any idea of what might be revealed.”

Officials were told in the request that they could exclude any information related to security matters – so that this could not be used as an excuse to deny disclosure.

The Home Office did not reply to the request within the legal deadline, but eventually provided a response refusing to release the information.

While the Government is widening its own powers to access the information of citizens, it is watering down the public’s right to access the Government’s information.

The Government has launched a review into the Freedom of Information Act, with suggestions that the transparency law could be watered down to give ministers more space to act in secret.

Commenting on the new Government spying bill in November, Shami Chakrabarti, director of civil rights campaign Liberty, said:

“After all the talk of climbdowns and safeguards, this long-awaited Bill constitutes a breath-taking attack on the internet security of every man, woman and child i

----- snip -----

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Old December 27th, 2015 #35
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Post Report: Muslims avoiding UK anti-radicalisation scheme

British Muslims have been boycotting a key government anti-radicalisation programme, according to a report in The Times newspaper.

Citing figures from the National Police Chiefs Council, the report published on Saturday said fewer than 10 percent of tip-offs on the Prevent scheme had come from Muslims - that is fewer than 300 out of the 3,000-plus tip-offs in the first half of 2015.

Prevent is a UK-wide project aimed at undermining and tackling what the government considers to be extremist ideology.

It is not specifically targeted at Muslims - and includes far-right ideologies - but its primary focus has been countering alleged extremism in the community.

A controversial aspect of the scheme is its tip-off hotline, which makes it a legal duty for public sector workers, including health workers, teachers and university lecturers, to report signs of suspected extremism.

The project has been described as draconian by civil liberties and Muslim groups because of a number of high-profile incidents when children were interrogated by intelligence officers for alleged extremist views.

In July, Al Jazeera reported on the detention of a 15-year-old boy in southern England accused of holding "terrorist-like" views by a police officer because the "Free Palestine" badges he wore were determined to be "extremist" .

His younger brother was told by teachers to dissuade the boy from holding "radical ideas" or he would be reported to the intelligence services.

In October, another report revealed how schools were using software on classroom computers - as part of the Prevent programme - which alerted intelligence officers if a student entered any words from a list of more than 1,000 that included "Islamism".

READ MORE: Keyword warning software in schools raises red flag

The Muslim Council of Britain, one of the UK's largest Muslim umbrella organisations, has called the policy "divisive" and accused it of fostering a climate of suspicion.

Speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday, Malia Bouattia of the National Union of Students said the Prevent programme was "inherently Islamophobic".

"It presents this idea that it is trying to deter people from partaking in violent activities and joining certain groups but in reality what we've found is that it's the state's attempt to control dissent and political self-organisation," Bouattia said.

"This notion of extremism is so vague that anything can fall under it."

British Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned criticism of his counter-extremism policies as "paranoia".

"Our new Prevent duty for schools is not about criminalising or spying on Muslim children. This is paranoia in the extreme," Cameron said earlier this year.

Content on this website is for general information purposes only. Your comments are provided by your own free will and you take sole responsibility for any direct or indirect liability. You hereby provide us with an irrevocable, unlimited, and

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Old December 27th, 2015 #36
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Post Floods and Foreign Aid articles.

While the UK ploughed £1 million into flood defences in the Eastern European country, a £4 million plan to protect the town of Kendal from flooding with the same project was axed.

The recent UK flooding, caused by Storm Desmond, has left 1,400 people homeless in the Cumbrian town.

Some £200 million of the UK's foreign aid cash is being spent on anti-flood works.

Deputy mayor of Lazarevac in Serbia, Bojan Stevic, told the Sun on Sunday: “We’re grateful to Great Britain and to the British people.”

But Mr Stevic added: “It does seem strange they spent so much money in our country on flood defences yet apparently were not investing enough in their own. It’s terrible to see the people of Britain suffering.”

The town of Lazarevac, which has a population of 25,526, suffered serious flooding in May last year.

The flooding saw states of emergency declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia, 200 landslides and at least three people drowned during the national disaster.

The Balkans region was the victim of the heaviest rain since records began 120 years ago.

Cumbria is bracing itself for further snow as river levels are still high from last weekend's intense flooding and the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for more rain and snow.

An International Development spokesman said: "The Government is able to both tackle the floods at home and respond to humanitarian crises abroad."

Storm Desmond resulted in terrible floods in Cumbria and Lancashire, forcing hundreds of families to flee.

A new record for the amount of rain in a 24hour period was set with 341.4mm measured at Honister Pass in Cumbria.

Some areas experienced a month of normal rainfall in only one night last weekend and power was cut to tens of thousands of homes.

Business owner Jon Holdsworth, of Patterdale Hall Estate half-a-mile away, described the floods as "biblical" as he watched his camping and caravan business disappear under water.

A hotel owner in Cumbria has been offering free accommodation to people affected by the flooding.

Colin Monk said: "We don’t want people thinking that they cannot get here – the best thing the public can do to help is to still come and support us.”

A Department for International Development spokesman said: “This government is able to both tackle the floods at home and respond to humanitarian crisis abroad.

“Our investment in overseas development is firmly in Britain’s national interest, tackling the root causes of global problems such as migration, terrorism and climate change.”

And with regards to Serbia, they said: "Investing in stability in Serbia, given its position in a region that's suffered from instability, is in Britain's national interest."

A spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said:

“Over the next six years we will be investing £2.3 billion in flood defences which is a real terms increase on the £1.7bn invested in the last Parliament. This which will see 1,500 new defences built and 300,0

----- snip -----

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Old December 29th, 2015 #37
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Post (Video) BBC Trader Inteview - Governments Don't Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Does

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Old December 29th, 2015 #38
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Post UK - Weird Transgender Charity Claims 80 Children A Year Are Seeking Help Changing Their Gender

This sort of derangement needs to end. How much do you want to bet that this weird Mermaids charity is being financed by evil Jew scum?

They are actually claiming that 80 children a year in the UK are seeking help in changing their gender. I call bull shit on that.

The people involved in promoting this transgender garbage as a normal behavior belong in either insane asylums or concentration camps. Bring back the pink triangles for these clowns.

Up to 80 primary school-aged children a year in the UK are now seeking help towards potentially changing their gender amid signs of classmates encouraging each other to do so, a leading charity working in the area has disclosed.

In some cases children as young as four are already in the process of “transitioning” to another sex, according to Susie Green, chair of Mermaids, a charity which provides support for families of children and teenagers with gender identity issues.

When I was a BOY and read the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, I naively thought that NO one could be that stupid. I never in my wildest imagination thought I would find myself living the reality in 2015.

Today freaks and weirdos are “normal” and don’t say anything because they might kill themselves. For that reason alone, among many others, people should speak up and loudly so.

The UK at this point is more like something coming out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting, where every perversion, sickness and degeneracy doesn’t even come close to describe the bestial nature of the monsters that inhabit it. Britain has no right to exist as a nation. *Hint*: Islam is the least of the problems in British society. I would actually support implementation of Sharia Law on these fuckers to teach them a thing or too. The other alternative would be Russian-Chinese coordinated air-bursts over Britain which I would loudly cheer.

Jews, Holocaust believers, JIDF trolls, Hasbara shills, Zionist retards, degenerate Marxist traitors and social justice warrior faggots will also be banned immediately.

You clowns already have 6,000,000 websites to post your propaganda on. You are also backed by the subversive Jewish establishment. As a result, there is no reason for you to be posting your propaganda here.

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Post Husband and wife guilty of 'massive terror plot' on 7/7 anniversary in London

Aspiring suicide bomber Mohammed Rehman and his secret wife Sana Ahmed Khan have been found guilty of planning a massive terror attack on London to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 atrocity.

Going by the name Silent Bomber, the Islamic extremist, 25, took to Twitter in May asking for suggestions on which target to choose – Westfield shopping centre or the Tube.

With money from his wife, 24, he stockpiled the chemicals needed to make a huge bomb at his family home in Reading and even filmed himself setting off a small explosion in his back garden.

The prosecution said Rehman was just days away from completing the device which would have caused multiple casualties in the capital if he had not been stopped by anti-terror police.

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, the couple were found guilty of preparing an act of terrorism around May 28 this year.

MORE: Russian spies catch 12,000 oil smuggling trucks on Turkey-Iraq border

MORE: UK floods: Homes evacuated after bridge collapse in Yorkshire

Rehman was also convicted of possessing an article for terrorist purposes.

The jury of seven women and five men found the pair guilty after three days of deliberations.

Rehman, wearing a purple jumper, gold shirt and gold tie, and Khan, in a purple jumper and brown scarf, showed no emotion as the verdicts were read out, but Khan glanced up to the public gallery as they were led off to the cells.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC had said the pair shared a ‘common interest’ in violent and extreme Islamic ideology and had repeatedly researched the 7/7 bombers.

They also had a keen interest in Islamic State, and Rehman’s online research showed he approved and ‘wished to play his own part’.

Khan helped fuel his violent ambition by paying for chemicals bought on eBay.

Counter-terrorism officers foiled the plot after an undercover investigator spotted Rehman’s tweet about potential targets.

On May 12, Rehman used a profile picture of Jihadi John to post: ‘Westfield shopping centre or London underground? Any advice would be appreciated greatly.’

It was accompanied by a link to the al Qaida uncensored media release about the 7/7 bombings.

The same day, he trawled YouTube for London bombings and Shehzad Tanweer – one of the 7/7 bombers who he referred to as his ‘beloved predecessor’.

He also told a Twitter user: ‘Why don’t you head to the London Underground on the 7th July if you got the balls.’

The undercover investigator, who used the name Abu Mohammed, engaged with Rehman in a private conversation in which the defendant asked him ‘how dumb these Kuffar are lol’.

Rehman confided that he was preparing for martyrdom and asked the officer if he wanted to join him or go the ‘lone wolf route’.

Jurors were told his intentions could not have been clearer when he tweeted: ‘Now I just make explosives in preparation for kuffar lol and when I’ve made the required amount I’ll be wearing them on my chest.’

Police swooped to arrest Rehman and Khan on May

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Post The rich will get richer while two million more children slide into poverty, 2030 economic forecast suggests | UK Politics | News

Another two million UK children will be living in poverty in 15 years time if the Government continues its current policies, a new analysis has said.

The calculations by Landman Economics and the Fabian Society however suggest that the incomes of the richest will increase significantly over the same period.

The study of policies introduced since the 2015 general election and their impact over the long-term if left unchanged found that the proceeds of any growth will overwhelmingly be distributed to the country’s richest, the report’s authors say.

They point out that cuts to in-work benefits scheduled to come in with the new Universal Credit system will reduce the income of the poorest workers, and that the National Living Wage will do little to offset these cuts.

The total number of people in poverty is expected to rise by 3.6 million with 1.9 of that increase being children.

This amounts to 22 per cent of all people living in poverty, up from 20 per cent.

The incomes of the bottom 10 per cent in society are expected to rise by only £90 by 2030 – while the incomes of the top 10 per cent per cent are expected to be £14,500 higher.

Previous analyses and official figures have shown some Government policies having a detrimental effect on the welfare of the poorest.

Rough sleeping rose by 55 per cent under the Coalition government, according to official figures. David Cameron said during the election campaign it was down, however.

Food bank use also grew dramatically during Mr Cameron’s first five years, with a million people now reliant on the charitable orgnaisations. The Government says this is because it is signposting more people to the services, including at Jobcentres.

The Government has met its child poverty targets but Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has moved to scrap the current measure. Ministers claim the current target does not accurately reflect material poverty.

The Tories will increase the threshold at which the 40p rate of tax becomes payable to £50,000 by 2020. They haven’t said so but it is also likely that at some point in the next five years they will abolish that 45p rate of tax altogether for the highest earners. They also want to increase the effective inheritance tax threshold for married couples and civil partners to £1m

The next two years are going to be dominated by the prospect of a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. First off David Cameron has the daunting task of negotiating a deal with other EU leaders an acceptable deal that he can sell to his party so he can go into the referendum campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote. This may be unachievable and it is possible that the Tories may end up arguing to leave. Opinion polls show Britain is divided on EU membership, one poll this year showed 51% said they would opt to leave compared to 49% who would vote to stay in

Andrew Harrop, the general secretary of the Fabian Society, said the distribution of wealth was a political choice the the Govern

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