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Old April 15th, 2018 #1
Jeffrey Smither
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Jeffrey Smither
Default Badge fag overkill

I came across this on Jewtube from Miami, FloriDUH. So here they have a guy who attempted to rob a bank cornered. He's holding a razor blade. Multiple blue niggers just stand there including some with AR15s. When they decide to shoot the man, the two officers with the AR15s each fire some rounds off.

So you have ONE guy with a razor and it takes this many blue niggers and AR15s

I point this out because of the overall disregard for others in the area. This is a busy street with traffic and many buildings nearby. At close range those 556 or 223 bullets are going to travel a long distance and can easily over penetrate. Even the handguns pose risk but nothing like using rifle rounds like that. It's not like they were in an intense shootout.

This isn't the only time blue niggers shoot without thinking. We have blue niggers shooting their AR15s in their cars thru windshields at fleeing suspects on busy city roads like in New Mexico last year and a case in Oklahoma a blue nigger doing the same thing.

Then you have Ruby Ridge as well.

If this tape was a person legally carrying and they shot this guy and it was on tape the prosecutor would probably try and hang them saying the guy was not charging at them, especially if the criminal was a spic or a nig.

I wonder if those rifles they use are select fire. Many of the big depts. get hand me down rifles from the ZOGbots. No need for blue niggers to have full auto when it's nearly impossible for civilians to buy them anyway.

I live VERY close to an outdoor police range that is finally getting shutdown because over the years blue niggers have been having bullets flying into nearby sub divisions including a playground and ball field. The mounds of dirt is pretty high at this range. From what I'm thinking is the blue niggers are shooting rapid fire and full auto and unable to control the muzzle which causes them to shoot high because I do hear full auto fire coming from there. Badge fags are not gun expert and I hate being on a gun range when I know a badge fag is there.

Old April 16th, 2018 #2
Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

It's almost like another one of those "shirtless guy" episodes of Cops gone wrong. Jeffrey, you make a valid case about Floriduh pigs being the absolute worst ones. These particular blue niggers had to have been trained in Israel because they acted exactly like Israelis do when they gun down unarmed Palestinian kids.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor


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