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alex revision
Default Narcopisos: 'Drug flats' blight the heart of Spanish cities

Narcopisos: 'Drug flats' blight the heart of Spanish cities

A decade after Spain's property bubble burst, dozens of vacant apartments in Madrid and Barcelona city centres have turned into "drug flats", to the dismay of local residents who complain of abandoned syringes and frequent brawls.

"You don't live anymore. You are more afraid at home than outside," said Begona Sebastian, a 51-year-old accountant whose building was one of the first in Lavapies, a district in the centre of Madrid, to have a "narcopiso", or drug flat, where people come to buy and consume drugs.

For three years, dealers sold hashish and cocaine in the apartment below her own, which had been seized by a bank from a heavily indebted family.


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