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Old 2 Weeks Ago #2
Sean Gruber
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Sean Gruber

I did not complete my translation of the Handbook: no German speakers came forward to help me. Nevertheless, I did post the whole Handbook, in German, here:

And if you are using a Chrome browser, you can have it translated into English right inside the thread. I spot-checked that translation for sense and readability, and it's good.
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action

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Talking the 'fuck your buddy' people

Their success is no riddle. The tribes well developed networking skills, sociopathy, and the sense of jewish superiority and exclusiveness are assets which gives them a huge advantage over non jews in a 'diverse' society.

It obviously doesn't work so well in shithole Israel when jews are all looking to fuck each other over in the absence of 'goy'.

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres; unam partem incolunt Belgae ...
Old 6 Days Ago #4
Adolf Goldbergstein
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Adolf Goldbergstein

Here is a crappy robo audiobook version


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