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Default Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough"

Even though I'm not a fan of James Bond at all ( some arrogant womanizer who serves the controlled government) this is a an interesting movie.

The Bond movies may be far from reality yet it is an interesting look at the world situation this movie paints . .

The plot . .

Bond is on the trace of 'terrorists' who allegedly wish to sabotage the businesses of a corporation 'King' . . . The leader of the corporation is killed , Bond is out to protect the leader's daughter . . Allegedly Russian terrorist , 'Renard' , is on the leader's daughter's trace who had kidnapped her before. The leader's daughter turns out to be quite arrogant, presumptuous , lusty for power . . In the end it turns out that she and 'Renard' are doing stuff together who aids her after , when she was kidnapped , she had fallen in love with him.

They wish to poison the Bosporus region ( oil trace through Turkey ) to give the leader's daughter who couldn't stand her father and is now leading the corporation a monopole of pipelines . . The story takes place on several locations around the world including Spain , Azerbaijan , Turkey . . . .

In the end Bond terminates the leader's daughter and Renard is killed in a submarine before succeeding in sacrificing himself . .

- - -

Interesting plot , gotta admit . .

Some brat of a tycoon and a Russian anarchist 'terrorist' under one cover . .

- - -

My fav . character from the movie is 'Valentin Zukovsky' , once some kind of Russian-mafiosi , in this plot suddenly an 'upright businessman'

. . when a whole building of his is trashed by a brute fight he is like "Can anybody tell me how I am a supposed to explain that to my insurance ? ?"

lol . .

One of my fav. quotes from the movie . .

Bond before trying to kill Renard : "Useless to try to understand the revenge of a man who believes in nothing . . ."
Renard : "Oh . . and what do you believe in . .? In the power of the capital . .?"

- - -

Anothef favourite scene of mine . .

'The Devil's Breath' . .

On a side note . . Robert Carlyle was also one of the few actors to ever portray Hitler . . .

. . always good for 'radical' roles

. . whether Russian ex-KGB Communists turned anarchists or German national socialists

Good actor . .

- - -

So , all in all . . interesting movie.

Another interesting quote . .

When Bond tries to get a secret out of a Swiss banker who has to handle him money . .

Banker "It is merely my task to give that money back"
Bond "And we all know how difficult that can be for a Swiss banker . ."

- - -

Your op's . .?

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This guy did a good Hitler impersonation:

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Originally Posted by Brenton.Tarrant View Post
This guy did a good Hitler impersonation:

So did this goy

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Bond movie "The World is Not Enough"

Robert Carlyle is always interesting. He was also on Stargate Universe playing a conflicted scientist at odds with the military. Never dull.

As for Hitler, the TV movie was Hitler: Triumph of Evil...real subtle title, huh? He looks a little like Hitler, and he gave it a good shot, although the movie was very inaccurate in many respects.
The child Hitler was shown burning his father's bird collection. In WWI, Hitler was shown as a military automaton. He also beat a dog he kept...not true, he actually adored it...and it did kind of save his life.

He was shown as a terrible artist unable to do anything. Again, not true.

They did get the relationship between him and his mother right, though, and the production values were good. Also, Rohm was shown as a blonde, handsome guy with a bodybuilder's physique. Not true.

I understand the script and shooting was very different, but the Jews got wind of the movie, met with the director and must have made an offer he couldn't refuse, so it became what it was. Also, when I saw it on TV, there were a dozen commercials by the ADL, like they couldn't take any chances.


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