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Default Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough"

Even though I'm not a fan of James Bond at all ( some arrogant womanizer who serves the controlled government) this is a an interesting movie.

The Bond movies may be far from reality yet it is an interesting look at the world situation this movie paints . .

The plot . .

Bond is on the trace of 'terrorists' who allegedly wish to sabotage the businesses of a corporation 'King' . . . The leader of the corporation is killed , Bond is out to protect the leader's daughter . . Allegedly Russian terrorist , 'Renard' , is on the leader's daughter's trace who had kidnapped her before. The leader's daughter turns out to be quite arrogant, presumptuous , lusty for power . . In the end it turns out that she and 'Renard' are doing stuff together who aids her after , when she was kidnapped , she had fallen in love with him.

They wish to poison the Bosporus region ( oil trace through Turkey ) to give the leader's daughter who couldn't stand her father and is now leading the corporation a monopole of pipelines . . The story takes place on several locations around the world including Spain , Azerbaijan , Turkey . . . .

In the end Bond terminates the leader's daughter and Renard is killed in a submarine before succeeding in sacrificing himself . .

- - -

Interesting plot , gotta admit . .

Some brat of a tycoon and a Russian anarchist 'terrorist' under one cover . .

- - -

My fav . character from the movie is 'Valentin Zukovsky' , once some kind of Russian-mafiosi , in this plot suddenly an 'upright businessman'

. . when a whole building of his is trashed by a brute fight he is like "Can anybody tell me how I am a supposed to explain that to my insurance ? ?"

lol . .

One of my fav. quotes from the movie . .

Bond before trying to kill Renard : "Useless to try to understand the revenge of a man who believes in nothing . . ."
Renard : "Oh . . and what do you believe in . .? In the power of the capital . .?"

- - -

Anothef favourite scene of mine . .

'The Devil's Breath' . .

On a side note . . Robert Carlyle was also one of the few actors to ever portray Hitler . . .

. . always good for 'radical' roles

. . whether Russian ex-KGB Communists turned anarchists or German national socialists

Good actor . .

- - -

So , all in all . . interesting movie.

Another interesting quote . .

When Bond tries to get a secret out of a Swiss banker who has to handle him money . .

Banker "It is merely my task to give that money back"
Bond "And we all know how difficult that can be for a Swiss banker . ."

- - -

Your op's . .?

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