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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default Teaching "Peter Pan" to Negroes

"Urban Violence

There is, in many of our stories for children, a spoken or unspoken moral lesson that is often brought to fruition by violence. Certainly, as many of our educational theorists have discovered, these kinds of structures exist in the stories of The Brothers Grimm, for example. I directed Snow White and Rose Red a few years ago in the playworks series. We did a lot of ethical wrestling with the violence in that story and how to portray it on-stage. Again, in Peter Pan, we have found that there is a lot of implied and explicit violence in Neverland, mostly coming from the pirates. We toyed with the idea of gleaning what we could from the text, but there are too many direct references and we are not allowed to alter the script. So what we have done is come up with a representation that reality and fantasy in a modern way that we believe is in the spirit of the original and is also Grimm-like. Although there is violence, we hope it is not glamorized by our choices. We plan to show that these violent choices are all poorly made by the pirates, clearly the bad guys of the story and the losers of the play! We hop that it will be clear to all that because they have made bad choices, that's why they lose. We also hope that for older kids, there will be some interesting conversations sparked by this element. We know all to well that our kids are having to deal with this on a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, it seems it's better to talk about it than to pretend it doesn't exist."

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Jake Bunce
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