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Old June 23rd, 2006 #1
Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default Rare honest-sounding account of nig school

"...Being a white [looking] teacher in a mostly black school unquestionably hindered my ability to teach. Certain students hurled racial slurs with impunity; several of their parents intimated to my colleagues that they didn’t think a white teacher had any business teaching their children—and a number of my colleagues agreed. One parent who was also a teacher’s aide threatened to “kick my white ass” in front of my class and received no punishment from the principal, beyond being told to stay out of my classroom. The failure of the principal, parents, and teachers to react more decisively to racist disrespect emboldened students to behave worse. Such poisonous bigotry directed at a black teacher at a mostly white school would of course have created a federal case..."

Something rare - a believable report about teaching in an inner city school, written by a member of the Jewish elite - oh vey, but his people were so persecuted before, as he has to point out at the start - who joins some govt. teaching program and gets assigned to a fifth grade zoo in Washington DC.

The one thing he won't say is that the kids are pumpkin heads. But he does say they need to stop misbehaving and start paying attention if they want to learn.

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Old June 23rd, 2006 #2
Smart Ass White Boy
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There is a paycheck in it for him somewhere is my guess. It could also be that this is just another piece to align jews as whites, It also keeps the black/white racial issue stirred up enough for another round of “we are all equal” protests or laws.

First paragraph is my first impression after I read Abzug’s excerpt. However, after reading the entire horrible article it seems a bit more like this.

Kike is nutz. Like all other kikes. He tried to teach in a nignog school, had high hopes and found he could not do it. The entire story is a cover your ass, its his fault and her fault, but I did everything right delusion. Only my heeb network and parents money saved me after I beat that little nigger.

I could be wrong but I doubt it. A jew wrote it so there are the obligatory subtle brainwashes that I might not have seen.


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