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biocultural Realpolitik
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Default Suggested Core Curriculum for Aryan Males

Nevertheless, a few men exist who are, so to speak, still on their feet among the ruins and the dissolution, and who belong, more or less consciously, to that other world. A small group is willing to fight on, even in lost positions -- so long as they do not yield, so long as they do not compromise themselves -- they are not lost

This is the core curriculum that I've selected for my sons. If I ever have a girl, I'll teach her other subjects; pertaining specifically to eugenics, homemaking, child-rearing, etc.


Aesop's Fables [good source of pre-christian wisdom]

Seneca / Aurel [Stoicism - excellent moral substitute to judeao-kikeninsanity]





In addition to these heavyweights, they'll learn German, followed by Russian and if their up to it: French, Latin and Greek. Add some lesser and better known Greeks: Aristotles, Xenophone, Shakespeare, Nietzsche and that's it.
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aka nazibunny
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Default McGuffey's reader

I found a set in a used books store, a republish. Those are great for early years. Dick and Jane. good repeatative reading and sounds. Old school books from used book stores are good, before big brother stepped in. Always check for the jew racist writer or publisher.

Writer's Inc is total jewcrap. I saw in back of book, American timeline with the 'first jew come to USA' written in, told me immediately wrote put that out. ( I was so pissed I marked it out with a sharpie.) Also had sections about it being bad writing to always have say male cops and fireman etc...
the whole book reeked of jewshit, came right from the horse's mouth too, from local junior high school.


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