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Default Crime Template [RBTLines]

[Nigga-rows] keep police on the move

Paramedics treat Terrance Baity, one of three [nigga] shoot[ers], on Kaupp Place behind Williamsport Hospital on Sunday, May 8. Baity, 16, was killed and two others were wounded.

Shortly before 8 p.m. on Sunday, May 8, gunfire erupted in the 600 block of Kaupp Place in a shooting that city police later said was [tribe]-related.

When the firing stopped, one [nigga] lay dying in the alley, less than two blocks from Williamsport Hospital. Two other[s] who were witnesses to the shooting, [one by the name of] Shauib Ali, also were wounded, but [unfortunately] survived.

All three were raced [with your tax dollars] to the hospital, but Terr[or]ance Baity, was pronounced dead on arrival.

In little more than two weeks after that shooting, city firefighters and police were dispatched to the 300 block of High Street to investigate an accident in which a car slammed into a utility pole.

The [nigga] behind the wheel, Idreis Jones of Philadelphia, was dead of multiple gunshot wounds to the head [sic].

As in 2004, [nigga-row] violence on the city streets once again captured the headlines.

A 17-year-old Philadelphia [nigga] was arrested in August in the killing of Baity, who police said was affiliated with the national [tribe] 'Bloods'.

And while investigators confirmed that Baity was armed with a loaded gun when he was shot, they have not disclosed if the two other people wounded in the shooting were shot by Baity or someone else.

The Philadelphia [nigga] charged in the case, Roland Robinson, also known as “Shoes,” is awaiting trial on one count of homicide. Police have not said how many shots were fired.

Earlier this month, city police charged Jonathan R. Mitchell of Philadelphia with pumping three bullets into Jones’ [nigga] head. Investigators have not disclosed if Mitchell allegedly shot Jones from the street or if he was in the car with him.

After shooting Jones and robbing him of $180 and an undisclosed amount of cocaine and marijuana, Mitchell laughed about the slaying when he was picked up a short time later by his [ho], police said.

Capt. Keith Bowers, a police department spokesman, said in a recent interview that after the two fatal shootings, the department braced itself for what it feared would be a violent summer.

Two shootings in three weeks “made it seem like things might continue along that line,” Bowers said.

“Traditionally, you see [TNB] increase in the summer. People deal with other people more because they’re outside. You tend to have more person-on-person violent crime as opposed to property crime,” he said.

“It really seemed like that was how the summer was going to be, when you have two [dayid niggas] and it’s not even the end of spring,” Bowers said.

While there were no other fatal shootings in the summer, a [crack ho] was arrested in mid-July for smothering her 4-month-old infant daughter in an apartment on Park Avenue.

“Our agents (detectives) were stressed,” Bowers said.

Besides High Street and Kaupp Place, gunfire shattered the peace in other city neighborhoods this year, but no one else died as a result.

“You could say that almost on a daily basis, we were dealing with [nigga-rows] on the street,” Bowers said.

Most incidents ended with police arresting someone for possession of an illegal firearm or for armed robbery.

One afternoon earlier this month, a 15-year-old [nigga] was arrested after he used a pellet gun to rob a woman on the 400 block of Pine Street.

Investigators said it was not unusual for [nigga-rows] to be carrying firearms.

Guns trade item

“Guns have become a real commodity value on the street. Guns are clearly used as a trade item for drugs,” Bowers said.

After a calm summer, a rash of city shootings in October and November prompted Councilman Gabriel J. Campana to hold two town meetings to discuss a communitywide response to the problem.

The spate of shootings began on Oct. 14, when a dispute between two [nigga-rows] ended with bullets flying in the 1500 block of Memorial Avenue just after midnight.

Police said Andre Spinks, 21, of Philadelphia, was upset with Morris L. Smith, 22, after the two men fought with each other at Smith’s house at 1526 Memorial Ave.

Spinks stormed off but he soon returned with a gun and fired at Smith’s home, according to police. Smith returned fire, critically wounding Spinks. A third man, whose identity police have not released, was also seriously wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

While no assault or attempted murder charges have been filed against Spinks or Smith, both remain jailed on federal drug and firearm charges.

Police seized $6,000 worth of cocaine from Smith’s home and a similar amount from Spinks’ jacket on the night of the shooting.

“I would anticipate one [nigga] facing charges of aggravated assault and possibly attempted homicide being filed sometime in the future,” Bowers said. “Spinks, since he came back to the scene with a weapon and exchanged gunfire, is the aggressor. He is mostly likely to face additional charges.”

In addition to the three city homicides this year, a 36-year-old Old Lycoming Township [nigga] was charged with shooting and killing his [ho] outside the couple’s home on Frey Avenue on March 23.

“[Niggas] are more violent today. [The Kwa] is more violent today,” township Police Chief R. Mark Lusk said in an interview earlier this month. “The [niggas] out here today across the county are much more amplified than they were 15 to 20 years ago.

‘‘When there is a critical incident (such as a shooting or a homicide) anywhere in the county, it affects almost all police agencies in the county,” said Lusk, who is president of the county Law Enforcement Association. “None of us can do this job on our own. The difficulties and dangers are very real. We can’t go it alone, and we don’t go it alone.”

He said that on the afternoon that Christine Montgomery, 32, was shot to death on Frey Avenue, more than 100 officers and other emergency workers assisted either at scene or in the capture of her boyfriend, Joseph E. McCloskey Jr., who was nabbed about five hours later in the township and charged with her murder.

[Many niggas have a chip on their shoulder]

‘‘We have [some wack niggas] out there. I clearly think it stems in part from a lack of a family structure. We don’t see a family structure. Today we deal with so many protection-from-abuse orders,’’ Lusk said.

To prove his point, he pulled out a file filled with two dozen protection orders involving [niggas] who either live or work in the township.

‘‘When I came on the job (nearly 30 years ago), we might have had two or three of these PFAs,’’ he said.

The increased violence in recent years ‘‘is a common discussion’’ at monthly law enforcement association meetings, Lusk said.

‘‘A day doesn’t go by that we’re not thinking about the safety of our people, our officers who are out on the street every day,’’ he added.

Much of the violence seen in the region this year is connected to [niggas], Lusk said. ‘‘[Niggas] and violence go hand-in-hand.’’

Lusk noted that in the township alone, arrests jumped from 13 in 2003 to 39 this year through Dec. 12.

Police are seeing more weapons on the street ‘‘big time,’’ Lusk said.

For the first 11 months of the year, township officers removed 12 stolen firearms off the streets, including three that were taken off convicted felons, Lusk said.

It is very much the same story in South Williamsport, according to borough Police Chief Rexford Lowmiller and Sgt. Terry O’Connell.

While the borough has been spared the [nigga] violence experienced in the city, it, like Old Lycoming Township, has seen a big jump in arrests, Lowmiller said.

‘‘For a small town, we’re seeing a lot of the same [TNB] that one sees in large cities,’’ O’Connell said.

‘‘The problem of [niggas] and violence is not limited to one area of the county,’’ Lowmiller said. ‘‘It used to be that the occasional arrest made here just involved simple possession of a nickel- and dime-bag for personal use. Now some of the arrests we’ve made involve mid-level drug suppliers.”

He said the borough handled 17 drug cases this year through mid-December, which resulted in at least 30 arrests.

Record drug arrests

‘‘We’ve made more drug arrests here this year than we made in all of the last two to three years,’’ Lowmiller said.

Borough police also are running onto more firearms on street. “Clearly, a lot of [niggas] who are using drugs heavily and selling drugs are carrying weapons for their own protection.”

A recent raid at a motel on Route 15 in the borough resulted in police seizing eight ounces of cocaine, a stolen handgun and $9,000 in suspected drug money.

‘‘We’re seeing more and more of this kind of thing,’’ Lowmiller said.

Lusk said local police agencies have two options in battling the escalation of drugs and [niggas] on the street.

‘‘We can cut and run, just let it happen, let it surround us and overwhelm us, or we can stand and fight the fight with the resources we need, and deal with the problem. There really is no other option,’’ Lusk said.


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