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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default News! Blacks Ruin Nice White Neighborhood

That's a headline you will never see.

This article is by the only daily newspaper in Memphis, TN. Here, they scratch their heads and try to figure out what happened to this neighborhood. Only one little detail they leave out - this neighborhood WAS a fine place to live and raise a family when you never saw a nig in it. Then, the blacks started moving in. Every year it got worse, businesses packed up and left, the nigs throw garbage all over the place, the cops are out on gang patrol, whites go to the mall only to duck in Sears and out again without walking through the zoo, er, mall part, etc, etc.

Boosters see hope in halting blight, firming business
By The Commercial Appeal
November 25, 2003
38128 Demographics
Population: 44,149

Male/female: 47%/53%
Black/white: 63%/32%
High school graduate: 33%
College graduate: 14%
Married: 41%
Households: 15,987
Income less than $25,000: 22%
Income greater than $75,000: 19%
Own home: 61%
Resident less than 1year: 29%
Resident more than 5 years: 41%

Source: Claritas

A handful of customers sat in the semi-gloom of the CK's Coffee Shop on Austin Peay one wet August morning, looking askance at the three people who were trying to chat them up.

So did the restaurant manager. He worried that we were salespeople, and he didn't want any fights starting.

A quick conversation ended that concern, but the customers remained leery.

This was Raleigh, the weakened business heart of Zip Code 38128.

Most of CK's customers this day were not residents of 38128.

One of the people we met was Ronald Thornton, who works for the Memphis parks division at the Cunningham Community Center on the almost-rural Old Allen Road.

Thornton, 48, grew up in the New Chicago neighborhood, then moved away. The Manassas High School graduate and former minor league baseball player has lived in Raleigh the past six years, but says he's trying to make a difference in his old neighborhood in 38107.

"That neighborhood has changed so much," he said. "The community was based on jobs when I was growing up. It wasn't as violent as it is now."

He thanks God he's able to try to provide a positive influence on New Chicago-area youngsters by coaching Police League ball in his childhood neighborhood.

Another morning diner at CK's, Paul Dunn, 42, lives close enough to Raleigh (in neighboring Frayser) to have a sense of the community's condition.

Crime and the decline of the shopping centers along Austin Peay definitely hurt the area, he said.

Calvin and Elsie Daniels, also residents of Frayser's 38127 Zip Code, echoed Dunn's thoughts.

There is no industry, said Calvin Daniels, 73, over lunch at the Frayser-Raleigh Senior Center on Egypt Central.

The schools are in trouble, stores are closing and the money invested to fix Raleigh Springs Mall was wasted, he and his wife said.

Al Green, 81, and his wife Marjorie, 77, lived in 38128 on Yale for 26 years. He met her on his paper route.

Now they live in Bartlett, but Green loves returning to the area to take part in the regular lunch time square dances at the senior center, as do a few dozen others.

Green laments the fact so many people abandoned Raleigh for the suburbs or other counties over the last three decades.

He describes his old neighborhood today as a "transitional area" that's "slowly improving."

Steve Herriman, a 27-year-resident of Raleigh, is trying to do something about the declining economy in his neighborhood.

As vice president of the Raleigh Community Council, Herriman is helping lead a freshly organized effort to keep businesses in Raleigh and attract new ones.

The group, which meets the last Thursday of each month in the branch library at 3157 Powers, has had at least one notable success - getting the former Gwatney Chevrolet property on Austin Peay cleaned up.

It had become a "horrible eyesore," said Herriman, 61.

The community council intends to use a digital camera to photograph other neglected properties and bring the evidence to owners and the city to get them cleaned up.

The council also plans to recognize a "business of the month" - for example, those that maintain well-lighted premises and clean parking areas. Chosen businesses will be given a newly designed Raleigh Community Council logo to display.

Herriman, who has watched the decline of the Raleigh area for the past decade or more, said Raleigh Springs Mall "is a big target" for trying to turn things around, but "this did not occur overnight and will not be corrected overnight."

He attributes the mall's decline to many factors. The mall's failure to keep its anchor stores and the lack of attention to security were major contributors to its decline, he believes.

"We would also like to see the MPD's North Precinct put a hub in the mall," he said.

The group Herriman heads is also reaching out to the more than 20 other neighborhood organizations in the Raleigh area in an effort to unite behind similar goals.

Herriman and his wife, Pat, raised five children in their home off Yale at Coleman. They attended Raleigh-area schools.

The kids are grown, but "we have no intention of leaving Raleigh," he said.

Fresh Eyes is a look at Greater Memphis Zip by Zip. The team that visited 38128 in Shelby County: Business editor Sonny Albarado, major accounts sales executive Aubrey Overstreet and advertising makeup manager Mary Webb.
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coast to coast WN
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Louisville KYs news paper had basically the same type article today. I would post it but I am on this nigger berry and it would take three days to post. The courrier Journal is the name of the paper.
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Tard Corralled
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Blacks have always followed whites around. Here in the west, its even more pronounced I suspect. When lots of Mexicans move into a black area, the blacks move out and into a formerly white area, then the old black area becomes a total barrio. It happens here all the time. 20 years ago Five Points was 99% black. Its now 60%+ Mexican.
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