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Default Jewsmedia: Hate's a good thing, if it's between whites

'BBC news is fueling racist attacks on Poles because liberal elite is scared to highlight non-white immigration'

By Matthew Hickley
Last updated at 11:02 PM on 04th June 2008

The BBC was accused yesterday of focusing on Poles in its coverage of immigration issues because it is afraid to look at non-white groups from around the world.

Conservative MP Danny Kawczynski - himself of Polish descent - said it was more palatable for the corporation's 'liberal elite' to highlight white Christians arriving than far larger numbers from Africa, India and elsewhere.

Mr Kawczynski told the Commons the 'distorted' coverage was fuelling hate crimes against Poles and said he was appalled by the failure of the Equality and Human Rights Commission to take action.

He added: 'If this was being done to a black or other ethnic minority group, it would simply not be tolerated.'

Mr Kawczynski's criticism came as he introduced a Bill calling for a bank holiday to mark the contribution Poles have made to the UK since 1940, when Polish pilots shot down more than 600 enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain.

The BBC rejected the criticism and accused the MP of failing to back up his 'serious allegations' with evidence.

Here's your real enemy, you stupid goy


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