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Old August 15th, 2018 #1
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Talking I suppose there will never be "Turkey in Europe"


After what Erdogan has done recently and the actions in Turkey especially against German civilians I suppose it's "Bye bye E.U." .


The Turks have been trying to get into Europe for centuries ( for example over Vienna . .)

There they got their asses kicked . .

The Germanic world in this case was more lucky than the South-Western European world who had Muslims on their ground for so long . .

East Rome also fell to the Turks . .

Today it is the mainland of Turkey. .

The European mainland can easily be reached from the Islamic world . .

Two things to note concerning that though . . .

The Turks have managed though to make themselves present in Europe largely ( especially Germany with main points Berlin-Kreuzberg and Köln-Mülheim ) . . .

. . yet their wish to be accepted as 'historically a part of Europe' they can stuff up their ass . .

lol . . wouldn't that have been it , Turk bitches ? ?

You would officially have belonged to Europe and probably would have filled Europe even more with your presence . .

Well , bad luck , bitches. .

Blame it on your president who pretty much ran amok , your chauvinistic government (I suppose Erdogan is already feeling like the new dictator of Turkey . .)

. . and , last but not least , on the misbehaviour of many Turks here in Europe that you are not wanted. .

Bye bye bitches . .


The second thing to note is that , however , there should be no European Union in the globalist sense ..

. . but a natural Europe. .

. . or . .

Maybe re-build something like the Berlin Wall , yet this time not to intimidate the West via demonstrating the power of Bolshevism but to keep foreigners out . .

Trump set the example . .

Especially to keep the Muslim hordes out . .

Globalism sucks. .

Our ancestors have tried to keep Muslims out of Europe for centuries , now we are supposed to simply "let them in" . .

Anyway , down with the E.U. anyway . .

We need to take Europe into our own hands . .

But in this world of globalism though it is most amusing that Turkey forfeited to get in . .

Btw , the only 'Turkey' I would welcome in Europe would be that . .

Muhahaha ! !

lol . . have to say , concerning all that , though . .

I wouldn't even have excluded the chance of Turkey maybe entering Europe in this globalised world . .

After all back in the 20s Atatürk pretty much secularised Turkey . .

They at least have the reputation of not being as fanatical Muslims as for example the Egyptians are yet Erdogan IMO pretty much can be regarded as the antithesis to Atatürk with his chauvinistic behaviour. .

So , blame it on yourselves to not being able to enter Europe , Turk bitches . .

Even I have to admit , you were on a promising road for some time. .

Kiss your chance goodbye . .

Old June 1st, 2019 #2
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
Posts: 2,395

. .I think one of the most stupid things Erdogan has done (from a Turkish interest point of view ) was that he held German hostages (and that with the wish of many Turks of entering the E. U. and with many Turks living in Germany in the background ) . . . .

He truly is the antithesis of Atatürk.

He truly must feel like a Turkish dictator . .



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