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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
Right-wing extremists from around Europe meet in Milan
December 21, 2014 8:12am

ROME (JTA) – For the second time in less than a month, right-wing extremists from around Europe met in Milan.

About 300 people, among them representatives of Greece’s Golden Dawn and the British National Party, met at a Milan hotel on Saturday, according to local media.

The gathering, organized by the Italian far-right party Forza Nuova, was intended as the first meeting of a new pan-European party called Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

The group aims to “protect, celebrate and promote our common Christian values and European cultural heritage” and is opposed to “the advocates of US hegemony” in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, according to its website.

Speakers at the Saturday gathering defended “traditional family values” and criticized “Zionist globalism” and immigration, according to local reports.

Also Saturday, several hundred people held an anti-fascist counter-demonstration outside Milan’s provincial government building.

On Nov. 29, several hundred skinheads and other right-wing extremists from around Europe gathered in an outlying district of Milan for a neo-Nazi concert and rally called Hammerfest 2014 that was associated with the white supremacist group Hammerskin.
More details here:


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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
French politician Bruno Le Maire, a former cabinet minister who is running for the leadership of the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement, said that it was inconceivable that the loans would have no impact on Le Pen's attitude to Russia: “You are always under obligation to your creditor,” he said.
Bruno Le Maire criticized Marine Le Pen for getting a bank loan in Russia. You have to say things like that to please the Jews. But he didn't get the chairmanship of the UMP last month. It is the (part-)Jew Sarkozy who got the most votes. The UMP is the right-wing opposition party to President Hollande's jewishy socialist party.

Even so, Le Maire is still kowtowing to the Jews. Last week he was interviewed by the CRIF (Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions), and the CRIF tweeted a few excerpts of what he told them (source):

"Some people say the question of identity is a priority, and the economy is less important..."
(Certains disent que la question identitaire est prioritaire, la question économique secondaire...)

"For me, the priority is that every Frenchman can have a job and earn his living in dignity..."
(Pour moi, la priorité est de permettre à chaque Français de vivre dignement de son travail...)

"I will fight against those, in my political family, who say the question of identity is a priority..."
(Je me battrai contre ceux de ma famille politique qui disent que la question identitaire est prioritaire.)

"I think it is very dangerous to start a debate about national identity..."
(Il me paraît extrêmement périlleux de s'engager dans un débat sur l'identité nationale.)

A debate about national identity is a debate that creates exclusion and communautarism...
(Un débat sur l'identité nationale, c'est un débat qui exclut, qui crée à mon sens le communautarisme.)
I liked that other excerpt:
"It is a terrible failure by the Republic, when Jewish children only feel safe in Jewish schools."
(Quel échec de la République, quand les enfants juifs ne se sentent en sécurité que dans les écoles juives !)

I think French people would love to have their own schools where they can feel safe from the jewish imported diversity.

My conclusion:
French politicians = sellouts
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Default Hollande decrees 2015 to be year of repression against opposition to immigration - 1

On new year's eve, President Hollande gave a recorded speech to say what he plans to do in 2015. He talked about several things, like for example, alleviating payroll taxes for minimum wage earners, and so on.

But here are a few significant excerpts:

  • France is not about nostalgia, it is about hopefulness
  • My duty (...) is to do everything to prepare tomorrow's France
  • our duty (...) is the fight against unemployment.
  • My priority will always be young people, with more resources to fight against school inequality
  • I will pursue the fight to the end, against conservative trends (...) and against populist trends (...).
  • It is when France forgets her principles that she gets lost and gets drowned. (...) That's why I decide that the fight against racism and antisemitism will be a GREAT NATIONAL CAUSE.
  • The CIVIC SERVICE will be extended to all young people in all their diversity, all young people who so request.
What he says is basically this: Too bad you don't like my policies. You are going to get even more of it. And forget about the past. From now on, France is African.

Apart from that, Hollande isn't sure if his priority is to fight unemployment, school inequality, or antisemitism.

Here is some info about two things mentioned in his speech:

Grande_Cause_nationale Grande_Cause_nationale
) is a label given to the decision by the French government to help a group of associations to advance their particular cause during a whole year. The "great national cause" of the year is usually the fight against cancer. In 2000, it was road safety.

Service_civique Service_civique
) is a system set up by the government in 2010 in reaction to the 2005 nigger riots. It allows young people to work for six months and up to two years for an association or a local administration. It is meant to promote commitment to citizenly jewishy republican values.

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Default Hollande decrees 2015 to be year of repression against opposition to immigration - 2

(Note: The CRIF is one of the two main organizations of the Jewish lobby in France (president: Roger Cukierman). The other one is the LICRA.)

I found the following commentary about Hollande's speech on the blog
My translation:

Title: Hollande decrees 2015 to be year of repression against opposition to immigration

(New World Order – 01-01-2015) The French President François Hollande has complied with the orders of the French Jewish lobby chief Roger Cukierman. Cukierman had been demanding for years that the French government enter a phase of strong repression against the critics of Israel while the label "Great national cause against anti-Semitism" would be used.

Subtitle: The Jewish lobby chief demands and gets what he wants
The objective to make the French state apparatus into a simple transmission belt for the tribal whims of the CRIJF is not a new thing. As early as 2004, Cukierman wrote:
"As was made with road safety, we can try to make [the struggle against anti-Semitism] a project of national interest, and for instance get the mayors of the suburb towns involved in an educational effort with the general public, so every religion will be represented and the mayors will meet the parents of the young offenders. Civic education must be transmitted not only through the teachers but also the town mayors. "
In March 2014, at the annual dinner of the CRIJF which is attended by all political leaders, and was also attended by the French president, he again demanded such a mobilization of the French State:

"The spreading of hatred must be attacked very early. People are not born anti-Semite, they become so through stupidity, ignorance, or prejudice. Make that a national cause!".
On December 7, the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who is a member of the Grand Orient [Freemasonry], had given a positive response to the repeated requests of the leader of France's Jewish lobby:

"We must make the fight against racism and anti-Semitism a national cause involving every administration concerned (...), the prefectures, the elected officials, the associations, the representatives of the different religions."
Subtitle: An extension of the plan for repression and propaganda
The French government agreed to launch a large campaign of indoctrination of young people, as we will see in the coming months, but we can see that the socialist government also wants to add an "anti-racist" section. That is to say, the protection against racism is extended to all non-European immigrants and especially Muslims. That was not Cukierman's original plan. His plan would have been limited to Jews only, so it would not get diluted to the benefit of the Muslim masses, who are increasingly hostile to the Jews and to the State of Israel.
That is why Francois Hollande decided to make the fight against racism and anti-Semitism the "Great cause of 2015". That is to say, he wants to mobilize the resources of the state to crush the resistance to immigration, islamization and population replacement. In other words, it's meant to be a campaign of ideological terror against the indigenous people who are starting to wake up.
[Hollande's tweet: I decide to make the fight against racism and antisemitism a great national cause ]
The Jewish lobby and especially Roger Cukierman are likely to be the supervisors of the phony "great cause". As he has often said, he would like to target young people of European descent so as to force them to accept the population replacement as well as the submission to Zionism and Israel.

Not surprisingly, 2015 looks to be a black year of repression, before the liberation.

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Default Canadian junk media

Europe’s far right still loves Putin

Relations between Moscow and the West are at a post-Cold War low, but Vladimir Putin has vocal allies, particularly among Europe's resurgent far right.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is, for many critics of the European establishment, an appealing counterpoint to the piety and dogmas of western liberal democracy.

By:Ishaan TharoorThe Washington Post, Published on Wed Feb 18 2015

WASHINGTON—Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s anti-immigrant National Front, is a politician on the rise. According to a recent survey, the far-right Le Pen would come out on top if polls for France’s 2017 presidential election were held today.

Her popularity is a mark both of increasing French frustration with the political status quo as well as of Le Pen’s own efforts to bring her notoriously xenophobic (some would say neo-fascist) party closer to the French mainstream.

Yet there are many contexts where Le Pen remains at odds with Europe’s liberal consensus. One glaring case in point has to do with the continent’s current bogeyman: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Relations between Moscow and the West are at a post-Cold War low, frayed by Putin’s power play in Ukraine, where thousands have died during a year of clashes between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian government forces. But Putin has vocal allies in the West, particularly among Europe’s resurgent far right.

Speaking to a Polish radio station this week, Le Pen took Putin’s side in the conflict, hailing Russia as “a natural ally of Europe.” She said Moscow’s annexation of Crimea last March ought to be recognized by European governments, stressing that the interim government in Kyiv at the time “was illegal.” She trotted out the Kremlin’s talking points on the nature of the revolt that ousted Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych last year, branding the movement as one organized by “neo-Nazi militants.”

Never mind the irony of a far-right European politician warning against neo-Nazism. Le Pen repeated claims she has made for almost a year now that Europe, when it comes to Ukraine, is behaving “like American lackeys.” Le Pen sounded the gong again earlier this month: “The aim of the Americans is to start a war in Europe to push NATO to the Russian border,” she said.

Le Pen is hardly alone in her admiration for Russia under Putin. A whole range of right-wing and ultra-nationalist European politicians share her affection for the Russian leader, whose religious nationalism, conservative values and stated discomfort with the U.S.-authored geopolitical order all appeal to their own brand of politics.

To be sure, Putin has his backers among Europe’s hard left as well, including within the government of newly elected Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. As an article in the Guardian noted this week, the Euroskeptic far right and hard left in effect give Putin a sizable bloc of support in Brussels — roughly more than a quarter of the seats in the European Parliament.

Part of this is down to political affinity — Putin is, for many critics of the European establishment, an appealing counterpoint to the piety and dogmas of western liberal democracy. Elsewhere, populists and wannabe strongmen all look up to the example set by the Russian president. But, as the Guardian reports, it also has to do with money.

Le Pen’s National Front admitted it received a $10-million (U.S.) loan last year from a Russian bank. A web of far-right politicians in Europe have received some form of patronage from figures within Putin’s camp, including a wealthy oligarch. In former eastern bloc countries like Hungary, Russian largesse is playing an increasingly prominent role in shaping both the nation’s economy and its politics.

“It’s beyond irony,” a senior figure in the European Commission in Brussels tells the Guardian. “You can hear Putin say he had to act in Ukraine to stop fascism, while he’s financing fascists right, left, and centre all over Europe.”

Tharoor writes about foreign affairs for The Washington Post. He previously was a senior editor at TIME, based first in Hong Kong and later in New York.
Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
Russia Insider
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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

10 March 2015

The far right "International Russian Conservative Forum" to take place in Russia

The Russian fascist Rodina (Motherland) party that was founded by Russia's current Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is organising a large conference titled "International Russian Conservative Forum" (IRCF) to be held in St. Petersburg on 22 March 2015.

According to Kommersant's journalist Grigory Tumanov, the following European organisations are taking part in the conference:

1. Attack (Ataka), Bulgaria.
2. Freedom Party of Austria (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ), Austria.
3. Serbian Radical Party (Srpska radikalna stranka), Serbia.
4. Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF).

The APF is a newly established umbrella organisation that was established in Rome on 4 February 2015 and is represented by the following parties:

1. New Force (Forza Nuova), Italy.
2. National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD), Germany.
3. Party of the Swedes (Svenskarnas parti), Sweden.
4. Golden Dawn (Chrysí Avgí), Greece.
5. National Democracy (Democracia Nacional), Spain.
6. Nation, Belgium.
7. Danish Party (Danskernes Parti), Denmark.

(I assumed already in September 2013 that Fiore was building an umbrella organisation that would unite political parties and movements that are generally more extreme than the Alliance of European National Movements. In February 2015, with the creation of the AFP, my assumption has been proven correct.)

The exact composition of the AFP delegation to the IRCF is unknown at the moment, but the following representatives seem to be confirmed: Nick Griffin, Roberto Fiore of the Forza Nuova, Udo Voigt of the NPD, Eleftherios Sinadinos and George Epitidios of the Golden Dawn.

The IRCF has almost a year-long history. It was first planned to be held on 15 March 2014, under the name "Russian National Forum against Tolerance", but due to the annexation of Crimea and the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the organisers decided to postpone the conference to 3-4 October (under the name "Russian National Forum"), then to 7-9 November 2014. Eventually, the organisers settled the final date: 22 March 2015, i.e. only one day instead of 2-3 days that they planned for October and November - this change apparently indicates the organisers failed to invite as many participants as they originally wanted.

The prospective participation of the FPÖ in the IRCF raises eyebrows. The FPÖ is clearly on the far right - it is a radical right-wing party - but all the other participants of the IRCF, including the Russian organiser (Rodina) are explicit fascists and neo-Nazis. Moreover, a number of European parties eventually refused to take part in this Russian fascist event, in particular the Swiss People's Party (Switzerland), Scottish National Party LOL, I guess the name fooled the inviters (UK), Identitarian Bloc (France), National Front (France), and Jobbik why? (Hungary). None of these parties wanted to fraternise with the European and Russian fascists.

What is behind the FPÖ's ideological promiscuity? I believe the answer is clear: the FPÖ is struggling to repeat the "success story" of the French Front National that has secured a multimillion loan from a Russian bank in 2014. To remind the readers, according the available information, these were former leaders of the Rodina party - namely Alexander Babakov and Dmitry Rogozin - who played a significant role in assisting Front National's Marine Le Pen in getting that multimillion loan. Hence, if the FPÖ wants the same, it now must obediently stooge for the Rodina party and the Kremlin. High rhetoric about sovereignty? Obviously not when the money is involved!

According to the report from the ORF, the FPÖ has decided not to take part in the IRCF. Yuriy Lyubomirsky of the Rodina party says that, on Monday (9 March), he received an email from FPÖ's Johan Gudenus who cancelled his participation in the conference. Gudenus, at the same time, argues that he was not going to participate in the IRCF at all, but this seems highly unlikely. The organisers were planning to invite FPÖ already in January 2014, and Lyubomirsky confirmed, in December 2014, the participation of the FPÖ in the conference. This is the only reason why the organisers of the IRCF mentioned the party in the list of participating organisations on 4 March 2015:


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