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Old November 1st, 2018 #1
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Angry Berlin - formerly the heart of the Reich , now little Istanbul

- - - - - - -

. .

You may have noticed I didn't post for some days . . The reason being that for my job I had to spend a few days in Berlin . . . those of you who read German and this thread for that matter ( ) may have noticed . . . .

All I can say is wow. . .

Didn't realize it was that bad.

I knew about the problems in Berlin but what I witnessed there . .

Neo-Turkistan. . .

By the way . . did you know that Berlin is counted as the 4th largest "Turkish" ( i. e. inhabited by Turks ) city worldwide ? ( after Ankara , Antalya , Istanbul . . . )

Wow. .

It sure must be a "good" success ( apart from the role of the Turks themselves ) for the NWO to bring down a city which had to endure so much during its history as Berlin had via Multikulti . .

The former heart of the Reich.

Is it fallen ?

TBH I would go so far as to lean myself out of the window and say that some quarters may be close . . .

After my trip there I was NEVER EVER so glad to be back in the so-called "racialist community" again . . .

( I had my cell phone with me via which I can access internet yet I had too much work anyways . )

I think this guy must be turning in his grave . . .

The rulers of Prussia had their seat in Berlin . . .

Berlin . . now "Multikulti" at its finest . .

Old December 3rd, 2018 #4
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Just look at them, these protectors of democracy:

Old July 15th, 2019 #5
Jack Dillenburger
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Jack Dillenburger

I've been to Berlin last year..

I know what your're talking about ..
Old July 17th, 2019 #6
Sean Gruber
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Sean Gruber

Where we are, there is the reich. If we fight.
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action
Old April 13th, 2020 #7
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I was under the impression that germany was better than london/paris/usa/canada in terms of immigrants. Im sure there are some non-whites but not as bad as other areas.
Old April 21st, 2020 #8
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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post

By the way . . did you know that Berlin is counted as the 4th largest "Turkish" ( i. e. inhabited by Turks ) city worldwide ? ( after Ankara , Antalya , Istanbul . . . )
It's now 3rd I believe, after Istanbul and something else. 4 million Turks living in Germany.
Old April 22nd, 2020 #9
steven clark
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steven clark
Default Berlin-formerly the here of the Reich

I was stationed in Frankfurt in 1974, and it was full of Turks. Germans found it a very 'foreign' city because of that.

Germans always told me they didn't like Turks (gastarbeiter), but 'we need them', and felt they had the problem under control, but didn't reckon with the progressives taking over and letting Turks, et. all, flood the country.

Berlin mostly got their Turks because of the wall, and Berlin needed labor and people. It became mostly for Turks and 'intellectuals' to live there, not a real working clasp population.

I was in Berlin in 1998, and it didn't seem that infested. Most of the Turks were in Kreutzberg. I note that the old Berlin Schloss (palace), torn down by the reds, is almost ready to re-open, and it's very pleasing to hear this, although one wing will be dedicated to "African art.'

You understand a lot of German politicians hate Prussia and completely disown it's heritage.

When I was there, I saw a bakery shop selling 'Berliners' (jelly doughnuts), with a cartoon of Friedrich the Great going 'yummy.' That would have been unthinkable in West Germany, where German history is simply forgotten and abolished.

Still, it was a very attractive and dignified city, and in the east, some of the reconstructed older parts were quite attractive, like the Gendarmenplatz.


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