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Default A look at our cities

. . our cities surely are a site of huge diffferences . .

How do most cities in the West look like today ?

There are multicultural quarters , quarters where the poorest of our race live and so called 'pleasure-quaters' , where all the money is . . .

The sight of those cities includes downtrodden parts of town , parts where the police is busy and 'noble' quarters where one constantly sees brokers and such with tuxedos 'checking their businesses' . . .

There is a huge gap in our cities . . .

In general the parts of town where foreigners live , the part where the supposed 'lower-class' of our people live and the 'pleasure'-quarters are present . .
Often also a prostitution quarters . .

Every part of town is 'known for something' . .

Our cities stand on shaky feet and in the past often were the site of riots . . .

Eversince they became multicultural whole quarters have been taken over by foreigners right now . .

In the future I can see much happening in our cities

The gap is deep there . .

It is a collecting point of foreigners who , when entering our heartlands , mostly move into the cities and a site of societal inequality between 'yuppies' of our race and 'lower-class' of our race. There sure is explosive present . .

I've lived in three cities during my life even though I was born in rural land . . .

I can see our cities losing tbh . . The contrast between 'yuppie'-quarters and 'lower-class'-quarters is increasing and multiculturalism certainly also is a factor . .

You know , there is more "going on" in the cities but the societal shift certainly also is bigger ..

I think our nations are needy of a reform . .

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Furor Hibernica
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Dublin certainly fits the description you made
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Originally Posted by Ireland14 View Post
Dublin certainly fits the description you made

. . your post made me think of the song . .



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