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Default An evolutionary theory

Jews have been maligned and vilified for thousands of years. In every generation since the birth of Christ, gentiles have attempted to remove, ostracize, or outright exterminate the Jews.

Whether you believe the holocaust is a hoax or not, there's really no disputing that Nazi Germany, with its fiercely Jew-hating fuhrer, manifestly anti-Jewish policies, absolute territorial domination and breathtaking efficiency--not to mention rabidly Jew-hating subjects in the east--was in a unique position to pull off the job.

So it sort of begs the question: unless every last Jew were eliminated, wouldn't the strongest, cleverest, most resourceful and resilient Jews be the ones to survive?

And consequently, even notwithstanding Kevin McDonald's theories, is it any wonder that Jews have the upper hand in the brains, talent and creativity departments, given that (un)natural selection has effective compelled their evolution into a race of superior beings?


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