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Old August 4th, 2009 #1
Join Date: May 2005
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Arrow Freedom Stealing Talmudic 'Hate' Legislation - Join The Resistance! Ted Pike & MP3

I ran across this extended Ted Pike radio interview, he starts to get going about ten minutes in, inspiring article also:

Resistance Can Help Make Hate Laws Unenforceable

‘We must publicize as widely as possible the fact that a cabal of liberal Jewish supremacists is behind all hate laws worldwide’

By Rev. Ted Pike — MP3

After the pro-hate bill victory in the Senate July 16, I hoped against hope to find (or contrive) a way to induce President Obama to veto the arms/hate bill. Conflict between the President’s will versus that of the House of Representatives in regard to further purchase of F-22 fighters seemed to hold such promise. That hope faded in discussion I had Friday with the office of Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer from my district. His staffer told me that despite a 389-22 vote in the House last month in favor of adding 7 to 12 Raptors to the arms bill, House Democrat leadership is now moving rapidly to abandon such support. They will unite with the Senate to strip further F-22s, determined to present Obama with an arms/hate bill package in no danger of veto.

Further, he told me, the defense industry, far from being disappointed or miffed at losing $1.75 billion in F-22 contracts, looks forward to receiving the same funds for production of the more modern, versatile F-35. Blumenauer’s office is receiving no pressure from the defense industry to revive the F-22 issue.

Clearly, there no longer exists any substantive basis to believe the arms/hate bill might be vetoed. Thus it is not plausible that public pressure might induce President Obama not to sign the hate bill into law this fall.
After proposing a last-ditch offensive to defeat the hate bill late last week, I feel something like the Japanese soldiers who kept fighting on remote South Pacific islands well after the war ended. If such tenacity is a fault, I would rather be guilty of it than have failed to do everything I could to kill the hate bill while there was time.

But there is still very much all of us can do to preserve liberty.
We need to help make the hate law unenforceable by resisting and disobeying inevitable government edicts (particularly as precedents from liberal courts) to limit free speech. This will require willingness to suffer for the cause of truth and freedom. To help empower such courage we must continue widespread education against hate laws (such as exists at We must publicize as widely as possible the fact that a cabal of liberal Jewish supremacists is behind all hate laws worldwide. These, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, says are in “relentless attack on evangelical Christians.” Only through encountering massive public resistance and exposure will ADL/B’nai B’rith (organized world Jewry) be slowed on their fast track to world dominion.

The epicenter of such liberal Jewish attack on Christian civilization is the state of Israel. Israel is a nation founded on theft, repression, and terror (See, Israel: Founded on Terror). Despite its claim to democracy, it is one of the most repressive speech crime regimes in the world. In 1920 Christians constituted 20% of the inhabitants of Palestine. Now, as a result of decades of official harassment and discrimination as well as “anti-missionary” laws criminalizing even casual conversations about Christ with Jews, only 2% of Israelis are Christians. The Israeli government continues to look the other way as Messianic Christian Jews in Israel suffer constant harassment, discrimination and even violence, especially from ultra-Orthodox zealots (See website of Lura Maimon Beckford). Knesset continues to propose even stricter speech crime laws against Christians. (more…)



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