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Arrow Uhuru Guru Of South Africa Sucks Arrested On False Charges

UG of South Africa Sucks Arrested on False Charges

Uhuru Guru of South Africa Sucks was arrested this morning at around 06h30 on trumped up challeged offence dating back to 1993.

His door was ripped off, his wife was not allowed to make calls, his children’s cell phones were confiscated, his little daughters were ripped out of their beds, you cannot believe the cruelty!!

A massive contingent of police from no less than five different specialist units, ranging from Organised Crime, Cyber crime, vehicle theft, etc; raided his home and confiscated all his computer equipment.

This arrest is motivated ultimately by the State. No doubt it has to do with ZASucks.

When they finished the raid, two very grey, shady looking characters sat him down and questioned him about the blog. White, Afrikaans men, to boot.

They were told he would not answer any questions re the blog. They persisted and they were again, rudely this time, told to pack it in.

They then asked him what far right meetings he attended. The answer was none.

Then, shockingly, they started questioning him about no less than Dan Roodt. They were again told no questions about Roodt either.

Trying to get him out on bail proved impossible. Not only did the police in the form of Capt van der Linde lie, he, Capt van der Linde pulled every trick in the book to prevent him from getting him to court for bail. He arrived at the police station at about 11h00, which gave them, in the form of Capt van der Linde, more than enough time to process him and get him to court. Instead, van der Linde chose to tell our Advocate what a piece of filth UG is!!!

At 14h00 van der Linde sent 2 cops to take UG to Court. They never arrived. Van der Linde lied!

So unfortunately, he is sleeping in a cell tonight with about a dozen violent criminals.

I am genuinely fearful about his safety folks.

Please spread the word around the planet!!
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Perception Manager
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Very sorry to hear of this.
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E. Moolnar
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E. Moolnar

The arrest could have been related to the leaking of crime scene images of rape/murder victims, posted on the SA sucks blog. It seems that some one from higher up did not like what he has done, which could further embarrass the country at a crucial time when 2010 football world cup is just around the corner.
Old November 5th, 2009 #4
Mad Science
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Originally Posted by ZOG CONTROL View Post
his little daughters were ripped out of their beds
This kind of shit can't go unpunished, cop or no cop.

I wish a news article would appear in the following weeks reporting the scumbags involved were found skinned alive and thrown in a dumpster, where they belong.
Old November 5th, 2009 #5
coast to coast WN
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Hope he is alright and out of jail by now.
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