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Old January 29th, 2010 #21
Mad Science
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Gray beard and brown hairs ?

Good lord...
Thinking... Please wait.
Old January 30th, 2010 #22
Doesn't suffer fools well
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Default Did I miss something in the first video?

Originally Posted by Oy Ze Hate View Post
It's really, really difficult for me to have any respect whatsoever for an allegedly grown man who still believes Uhmerica was attacked by "Radical Muslims" on Nein Vun Vun because of "our" support for Isntreal. It's like someone believing the evildoers could destroy the Statue of Liberty by flying a model airplane into its shoulder. That absurd, itz...
I thought Duke only said that Bush blamed The Terorists who hate our freedoms.
Old January 30th, 2010 #23
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Duke probably knows jews did 9-11, but believes that since he's trying to gain the support of the masses, he cannot come out and say that, or they'll think he's some conspiracy kook and won't take him seriously.

It's a wise decision. Whatever tactics will win the war are the ones we should use. Even if that means lying, cheating, being scummier than the scummiest jew.
Old January 31st, 2010 #24
Dale VanderMeer
Your Pro-White Neighbor...
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Dale VanderMeer
Post You Fail Again, Johnsonsmith...

Jamie Kelso filmed Alex at the Knoxville Rally, you moron.
Alex was speaking at it. I ment for Alex to film something like this, not just a live feed on PodBlanc (Which was good, by the way.).
Originally Posted by Johnsonsmith View Post

Last edited by Dale VanderMeer; January 31st, 2010 at 02:43 PM.

crotch bombers, foreign aid, israel, shoe bombers


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