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Old July 30th, 2013 #61
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Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire are both awesome. Unfortunately, I think the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire is going to have a bunch of nigger shit in it that's going to ruin the fun. They've done that in previous seasons but only in a token way.

I think all these period dramas like Boardwalk, Mad Men and Downton Abby are popular since they depict eras where Whites were dominant and proud. Any contemporary series/film must include muds, which we instinctually do not like.
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Paul Smith
Death Camp of Tolerance
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Paul Smith

Interestingly TV production in US seem to be of much higher quality than what Jews do with movies in Hollywood.

I am watching only few of them.. Dexter, The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones, Fringe, South Park.

South Parks is getting more mediocre and basically, as someone said, Cartman's characters makes that show..

Maybe what's missing is some real sci-fi show, after jews cancelled Stargate..

BTW, there is no need (except for convenience) to pay for any channels as you can easily download every show off the internet.
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The sopranos
The shield
Boardwalk empire
aqua teen


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