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Default Leo dicaprio dating singer riana

Leo can get any white women he likes but he is with her.

No link. In women's magazine called famous.
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"moderate" radical
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.. looks like he's ashamed of being seen with her.
FreedomSite "Israel's values are Canada's values" Canadian PM Paul Martin, Nov. 13 2005
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Thumbs down Continuing the tradition of his oil-driller predecessor, Robert DeNiro

Rihanna has 'practically moved in' with Leonardo DiCaprio
Photo by: BANG Media International
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 PrintEmail Comments
Bang Showbiz

Rihanna has "practically moved in" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 'FourFiveSeconds' hitmaker's relationship with the 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor is believed to be hotting up as they are spending more and more time together in the 40-year-old star's home.

A source revealed: "It's like she's practically moved in."

The 27-year-old musician - who is currently in France for Paris Fashion Week - has been made to feel at home in the Hollywood star's Los Angeles home, being treated to her own special areas including a room specifically for her to smoke in.

The source continued: "It's like she's practically moved in. Leo has been sweet and cordoned off little areas for her in the home that are just for her, like a smoke room."

The couple were first rumoured to be dating shortly before Christmas, but their relationship has quickly gone from strength to strength and the Bajan beauty has already promised to take Leo back to Barbados next month, where he will be a guest at her cousin's wedding.

And the pair will use their trip to the tiny island to also enjoy a romantic getaway together, planning to escape for some alone time on a nearby yacht.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: "Afterwards Rihanna and Leo are going to spend a few days by themselves on a yacht."
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Dale VanderMeer
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Dale VanderMeer
Thumbs down Leo DeCaprio Goes Litterally Into The Abyss...

He's a full on oil driller. He goes from Bar Refaeli ( ) to Naomi Campbell ( ). This kwanish dago wop is living just like the last character he played: tapir Jordan Belfort ("Wolf of Wall Street" ).
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Aren't you above celebrity worship ? Who cares what some Hollywood jew-cocksucker does?

In women's magazine called famous.
Ah, I see.
Old March 14th, 2015 #6
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Someone brought in the mag from home, i'd happened to see this story because someone left the page open.

I can remember leo dating a blonde, blue eyed super model, now he has pet nigger to worship.

Leo's background is German. Leo's mum was born in a german bomb shelter 1945. What a waste of white european genes.
Old March 15th, 2015 #7
Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson

His jew masters may have sold Dicaprio on race suicide but the public ain't buying. Focus, which has a miscegenation focused marketing campaign and stars former fresh prince Will Smith and aryan Margot Robbie, made a crappy $18 million opening weekend. That's a long way from the $50-70 million weekends Smith was enjoying a few years ago.

The turning point for Smith was Hancock in 2008, with miscegenation central to the plot. As far as I know every attempt to center a movie on a black/white couple since Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? in the sixties has bombed.


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