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Old July 15th, 2019 #16
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I think this Epstein is #1 pimp to the top echelons of ZOG.

All the reporting seems focused on how the perv was forever arranging the "under aged" girls for himself. Well, of course he enjoyed the poontang, but that wasn't even the beginning of the story. Not by far...

Epstein is/was storied as a billionaire, but no one has any idea where the money came from: supposedly hedge-fund management, but that tale falls flat immediately. It seems that no one else in the hedge fund business has ever heard of the perp and no one else knows (or can find) anyone who was either business/trading associate or client. In short, Epstein seems to control a fortune that either doesn't exist or has no credible origins. No assets, no accounts but yet palaces all over the world (and especially in the Kwa), and private high-end aircraft. And no "sources" for any of it: no inheritance, no business, and no known "customers".

...but WAIT! There ARE "customers". Plenty of them, and the identity of at least some of the known "customers" actually nicely explains all the rest, because the "customers" (e.g. Epstein's "friends") easily command all the resources needed to pay for everything required to keep them in under aged pussy. It's a commodity that they cannot simply go out and purchase in the market (since it cannot be freely purchased anywhere). Supply and demand: the supply is restricted and illegal (far more so than any other commodity) and the demand among the perverts is very high indeed. High enough, easily, to run the price to hundreds of millions, payable as the product is delivered.

So why Epstein? What does he have that any other pimp doesn't have? The answer of course is experience and the ability to produce. (What was it, 23 different phone numbers just for Bill Clinton including personal access while Bubba was POTUS?) So he was given the charge of providing teen aged nooky, and the plane (with bed!), and the island (with lotsa "security"), and the anonymity. Just get the job done, Jeff, and money will be the (absolute) least of your worries. And so it is.

The surprising thing here is that the creep is still above room temperature. Perhaps the "value" of his trade is even worth the possibility of exposure, so that he's kept above ground to continue providing his much appreciated "services". Or (more likely) the clientele believes it can bribe, lawyer, intimidate, defame, and if need be assassinate itself out of any tight spot that might arise.
No way out but through the jews.

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barry krischer jewish, jeffrey epstein, jews, lolita express, sex offender


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