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Old July 15th, 2019 #11
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Originally Posted by Hugo Böse View Post
That does appear to be the prevailing attitude amongst the yellow vests, unfortunately for them the bill for decades of debt financed vote buying is coming due, and in that context the majority of them richly deserve to get the shit taxed out the them.
"French" protests headed by negroes are currently about social contradictions only and leftists are over-dominating there. It has nothing to do with race and migration, even though the authorities try to portray them a sort of far-right extremists, YV is the analogue of BLM movement:


"Acting without us, is acting against us" stated Assa Traoré, sister of the 24-year old black man Adama Traoré, who was killed following contact with French police in Beaumont-sur-Oise, on the outskirts of Paris in July 2016.

This was her response to a journalist, who asked her why the Justice for Adama campaign had joined the 'gilets jaunes' or yellow vests protests that have been taking place across the French capital, as well as other cities across the country, since November 2018.

The activist added that the collective was putting into practice what they have long preached and were joining forces to oppose Macron and his government's neoliberal agenda against the masses, as well as taking on the far-right, racists and fascists who attempt to capitalise on the yellow vests movement.

The Comité Adama, however, along with other groups including Banlieues Respect, clearly understood the political challenges that arose upon the movement's inception.

"This past weekend, protests were led by women who wanted to highlight the wider social demands of the yellow vests"

The justice campaign and other anti-racist/anti-fascist groups put out a call to the 'banlieues' - the urban working class areas on the outskirts of large French cities - in order to rally working class communities, people of colour and migrants.

In their statement, the Adama collective highlighted that the yellow vests and banlieues communities which are considerably racialised, share the same social issues. They are the most likely to work in precarious, and underpaid industries, in some of their areas there is up to 40 percent unemployment, in addition to police violence, racism and oppression on a daily basis.

The reality of most of these communities is becoming unbearable, as Assa Traoré described it, "people aren't living, they're surviving".

Youcef Brakni, a key organiser in the justice for Adama also stressed that they don't believe that the far-right are at the head of the movement. Instead, they describe the yellow vests as a very diverse base whose intentions are to fight for a dignified life, not to go after Arabs and black people.

The fact the comité Adama and Banlieu Respect, but also the trade union, General confederation of Labour (CGT) and the railway workers have fought to unify the different struggles, points to the importance of activists refusing to characterise movements from the sidelines and the possibility of shaping the events around us.

Moreover, it is worth noting that one of the most recognised figures of the yellow vests (at least in France), is Priscilla Ludosky, a woman of Martiniquan decent, whose petition against rising petrol prices is said to have ignited to whole thing.

I can agree with the point that French nationalists must take the chance and use the protesting potential for the White purpose, but this scenario is still difficult to implement. What I see now is a naive LGBT supporter Stewy Meadows, reposting random Internet-comments as the proof of pro-WN core of YV negro-movement.

Ironically, Macron and his flying guard from the future looks like White Emperor on the background of Gilets Jaunes:

MUST read blog: Truth about Serbia

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emmanuel macron, france, globalist rothschild, jews, yellow vests


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