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Old March 27th, 2009 #41
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Originally Posted by seeer View Post
What in the world are you talking about? I specifically said a minimum of a dozen people are needed to get it going, that is a dozen unrelated married couples.

It is second generation children from one married couple marrying the children of another married couple in the same religious group. It is members of the same religion marrying each other. When I mean one family I mean as in in-laws. For example, the father of the bride is related to the father of the groom. Alliances have been set up like this for ages.

The Saxons said they were of "one flesh and one bone."

Read my posts in full before you comment on them. Listen, the only successful white population groups are the ones that follow the pattern I described.
Fine, I read it as inbreeding but see what you mean. I am fine with that if it's your style.

baby, rahowa


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