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Anti-semite Pro-human
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Default Unintentional proWhite billboards

Recently plastered on transport stop billboards in Melbourne Australia.

This from the website


The other funny thing is, they had a whole series of them, which one has a drug & alcohol problem? which one would you rather work with? and the- 'We're hoping you could'nt answer that was in really fine print at the bottom of the billboard, so you couldn't even see it! lol!
Words hold power, for words influence thought, and thought shapes reality.

B.B. aka Arbiter of all truth.

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Which one of these are you more afraid of in a dark alley?

Which one of these descends from a third-world cesspool?

Which one of these should be deported out of the country?

"We're hoping you can't answer that, but we probably know what you're thinking!"

Old May 1st, 2009 #3
Nuthin' But Luv, Baby
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"Which one of these do you not want to move in next door?"

"Which one of these do you not want to date your daughter?"

"Which of these is easiest to see in the dark when he smiles?"

"Yeah, we answered the same way."
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Which one is human?
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Curtis Stone
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Curtis Stone

Which one has fifteen kids by seven different women and which one has no kids because he has been brainwashed to think it's "wrong" to have children of his own?
Blood on the Menorah (1948) Robert Mitchum. In post-war Europe, an American newspaper man foresees the coming doom of transition to a Judaic society. Worth seeing. (Dir: Bill White, 99 mins.)


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