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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Upstairs Downstairs is back

Upstairs Downstairs is back...the favorite of 70's TV returns in three parts.
I remember people really loved it. Here, Jean Marsh plays her same character, Rose Buck. The show's time frame ended in 1930, and now it's 1936. Rose runs an agency for placing servants, and the chance to revive the old Bellamy place is too good to pass up.

The new owner is a diplomat. His mother insists on moving in, and the fisrt part had some good sections, also moved well. I wondered why it in 1936. After all, Marsh is in her 70's, and looks much older than her character would have been.

I think it's the nostalgia Brits have for the 30's. Note THE KING'S SPEECH. They still had an empire, and...they get to stand up to Hitler. It's all over the
place here. The diplomat hates Hitler. When a party has Mrs. Wallace (King Edward's to-be-wife) bring Von Ribbentrop, a servant is ordered to spill drinks on him so the disgusting Nazi will leave. Sad, because I thought it would be nice for Ribbentrop and our hero to chat about politics. No, can't even talk to the bad Nazis.

It seemed an awfully cheesy way to treat a guest.

Also, in future episodes, the family driver will become involved with Mosley and the fascists, and a new maid will guessed it...a Jewish refugee.

They have to milk the Hitler thing for all its worth.

I thopught it might be more interesting to set it in 1960...Rose's and Marsh's
real age. Seeing the problems of Teddy Boys, angry young men, Britain's empire falling and the debacle after Suez, as well as pre-Beatles London...but really nothing to stand up to there, is there? Can't think of being against the commies. Or like in a recent film of the era, showing a Jewish playboy purposely drive whites out of housing so he can sell them to blacks. Can't show that, can we?

Anyway, looks to be interesting, but like everything the BBC has, another
way of reminding us how Britain won the war. It seems all they've got to crow about.


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