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Old October 25th, 2014 #1
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Post Jew Run ABC To Air New Television Show Based Off Illegal Aliens

ABC which is owned by the Jewish run enterprise of Disney has announced that they will be producing a new television show based off of illegal aliens. The show dubbed Totally Illegal is being created by the Jewy looking douche Lee Aronsohn who previously helped create the sitcom Two And A Half Men with Jew Chuck Lorre.


After a break, Two And A Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn is returning to TV with a new multi-camera comedy project, Totally Illegal, which has been set up at ABC with Marcus Wiley producing through ABC Studios.

Totally Illegal takes a different spin on the idea of assimilation and immigration experiences in the framework of a family show.

Undoubtedly we will see this show used to push propaganda promoting the continued invasion of illegal aliens into America. After all, Jews love using entertainment to push their sick and demented agendas.

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Old October 29th, 2014 #2
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Lee Aronsohn, the Jewish TV producer behind an upcoming new ABC show brainwashing White people about the illegal alien invasion
I was going to just take it easy today. That was the plan, anyway. I had a bunch of little piddling stuff to do, like fixing minor things around the house and winterizing tasks I meant to do last week. You know, the kinds of things us evil White guys are always doing but no one seems to really notice. If lucky, I might get to watch some of today’s NASCAR race at Martinsville, Virginia while having a few delicious ice cold ones.

Then I log on here to double check my moderation que, or what I usually call my “SPAMblinka” for fun (try to figure that one out). I like to come on, when possible, so I can release comments from new people to my site, especially those who recently woke up to the BS and want to chime in. I hate like hell leaving these people dangling, but I got to since certain devious rotten creeps like to stir up the crap among all us “haters.”

When I came on, I saw a comment from a long-time reader named Frank Fredenburg with a link to the popular White site called “Daily Stormer.” It was to an article about the ABC Hollywood Jews planning a new upcoming “family sitcom” about illegals in America. Of course, we can be absolutely sure it will portray them as hard-working, decent people with not a word on anything else Mestizos bring to America (Latinos of Spanish Caucasian heritage I brook ZERO issues with and who know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to criminal Mestizo scum from all over Mexico and Central America).

Oh man, my blood boiled over just looking at the creepy Jew producer behind the show (Lee Aronsohn photo above).

Folks, these are NOT White people. No way. They are an embedded, rat-like race, busy destroying America and our race. Media Jews like this SOB have clearly been hard at work brainwashing us White people for literally decades.

Then I turn on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulis.” I usually watch this show not out of love, mind you, but to monitor what “spin” these brainwashers are going to do over “news” from the last week. Of course, today it was the “lone wolf” Muslim attacks in Canada and that crazed black with a hatchet in New York. They made sure to show you the White guy shots, so the viewers will know it’s only “radicalized Muslims on the Internet” to blame, when crazed blacks kill people (themselves and us Whites) all the time with hatchets, machetes, stolen pistols — hell, anything they get their filthy paws on.

Then Martha Raddatz (filling in for George) does an interview with these two documentary producers for a new film on Netflix about journalists covering wars. Oh God, both of them were creepy little Jew punks, both wearing intellectual designer glasses, sitting there telling her how much they care about children living in war zones and how dangerous things were for journalists like them (look how sensitive and courageous us Jews are!).

What a bunch of GD crap. I sincerely doubt those two did anything at all about Israel bombing the hell out of the Palestinian Gazans recently. These lying hypocrites don’t want the casual American to get a clue to what they do in the world or the root cause of Zionism making us Americans do to Muslim countries that gets these people so bunged up they want to blow us up all the time.

It’s called payback. You would do the exact same thing if you had some foreigners over here killing your people out of the blue.

That’s why these Jews work so hard to control the media. That’s why they’ve created “PC” so they can protect themselves from absolutely anything Jews are involved with. Hell, you can’t say SQUAT even about Israel before these creeps start howling about “anti-Semitism.”

Let me just state something here: You are not going to see any congressman or senator coming on TV to say something about this. They all know well that it would be total career suicide or maybe even worse. Besides, the media won’t even broadcast what they have to say in the first place. It’ll be like the tree crashing in the forest and no one is around to hear it.

Same thing for all the business with PC. You can have all your black groups, your homos, latinos, campus Zionist organizations, Israel lobbies, etc., etc. going on, but anything organized for and among us Whites Gentiles must be labeled “extremist.” Surely you must have gathered all this by now.

They purposefully avoid coverage of any negative news involving these so-called “protected” classes, basically so you don’t get a clue.


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