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Woodpecker Marxist, Homosexual Philosopher Michel Foucault is the Most Cited Academic of All Time? Why?

“Foucault is often considered a forefather of postmodern identity politics and social constructionism.” Well, that explains a lot! Foucault, who, like Pablo Picasso, was a member of the French Communist Party, was an “unorthodox” Marxist (compared to most French Marxists) and was a queer pervert who died of AIDS. Foucault, like most smart-dumb intellectuals, had way too much to think. I can just imagine Foucault saying stupid things like “can one climb a tree upside down, and if so, is such climbing ‘climbing up’ or ‘climbing down’?”; gee, I don’t know, let me think about it; Foucault’s books are best used for kindling in your fireplace, or as doorstops.


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