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alex revision
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alex revision
Default "As Jews We Have A Responsibility..." [To Encourage Illegal Migration]

"Dozens of people rallied outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement for better treatment of asylum seekers. Six minors have died in federal custody recently; protesters feel this is a moral issue."
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Nate Higgers
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Nate Higgers

The kikenvermin are out to overrun white countries with turd worlders from shit hole countries in order to destabilize them and create chaos.

(((Netanyahu))) won’t allow “refugees” in Israhell because they would lose their identity allowing “illegal immigrants and terrorists” into the country.

There is a good video called The Jewish Role In The Refugee Crisis which I would have liked to post here except that “certain features have been disabled” by You-den Tube.
The jew is the demon behind the the corruption of all mankind.
- Richard Wagner


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