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Karl Lueger
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Karl Lueger
Lightbulb Script writers on race and televitz

Thats all good and cool brah..
itz more disgusting when jews write about, direct or portray white people in any way, but thats the shit of the biz ain't it?

Empire is one of several successful shows this season that have showcased diversity on and offscreen.

DANIELS Yeah. I don't know what gives me more pleasure: watching my story unfold or going in and watching a room full of black people talking for me and writing words for black people.
I hate white people writing for black people; it's so offensive.
So we go out and look specifically for African-American voices. Yes, it's all about reverse racism!

TREEM I think you want your writers room to somehow reflect your show so that the conversations that are happening in the writers room can translate more easily to the screen. When we put the room of The Affair together, we specifically looked for half men, half women, and that's important to our story.

DANIELS Are there African-American writers on your show?

TREEM There is one writer of color, but he's not African-American.

DANIELS Are there any African-American writers on your show?

GANSA There are not.

DANIELS How about yours?

KING Yeah.

DANIELS How many?

KING Last season there were two, but one of them went off to create her own pilot.

DANIELS Good. How many on your show? I'm just curious.

WILLIMON How many women do you have?

DANIELS We have three women.

WILLIMON How many Asian-Americans do you have?

DANIELS We have no Asian-Americans.

WILLIMON There are so many different ways to talk about or measure diversity, and not all stories are going to tackle the entire breadth of the diversity of the world.

then the vid was followed by an Asian love story which completely lacked "diversity", not even the white/yellow mix...
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.


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