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Old January 18th, 2020 #1
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Woodpecker Stupid White Females Seeking Diversity, or, Mackenzie Lueck Redux

Stupid White Female, at a bar: “Look, a couple of nice, manly, very hot Afreaking AmeriKwan men! I think I’ll chat them up!” (later) “Ohhhh, I think they like me! I’m getting so horny! I think I’ll go home with these two manly, vibrant, diverse Afreaking AmeriKwans and screw them both. I’ve always fantasized about doing that! What could possibly go wrong? Diversity is so cool!”

(Much later):

Stupid White Female, standing outside the Pearly Gates in Heaven: “OMG! I’ve been murdered! How did this happen?? Who could have possibly foreseen this??”

Saint Peter: “Any human with half a brain could have foreseen this.”


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Old January 18th, 2020 #2
Niggerus Delenda Est
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Cops found the corpse buried in a nigger's backyard. They say there's no sign of trauma and are now waiting on toxicology reports.

When I first read the story the mother said something like "she never stayed out this long before". So the victim has a history of running away and is probably a junkie.

My guess is she went with the niggers to get drugs and they took her out with a hot dose.

Oh well one less nigger fucking junkie whore.
Old January 18th, 2020 #3
Hugo Böse
Jeunesse Dorée
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Hugo Böse

More **** punts would save lives….

Political correctness is an intellectual gulag.


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