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Anthony Cortez
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Anthony Cortez
Angry What is up with all these Latrinos/Spics in Latin America trying to claim that they're pure white European?

I'm noticing the trend of how there are many of these so-called "white Latinos" and their heavily flawed race demographics in nearly all Latin American countries have a supposed high amount of "White People". Supposedly, Puerto Rico is 80% White, which I call huge bullshit on that since nearly every Latin American country never uses the "One-Drop Rule" to determine if someone is truly pure White European. For instance, a person with very pale white skin and more predominant European ancestry yet has natural nappy hair(regardless of hair color) and a few other distinguishable non-white facial features, is still considered "White" in Puerto Rico, even if that person has a fairly significant amount of negro and injun racial ancestry. Not to mention, the Puerto Rican Culture is heavily Injun and Negro influenced.

I pitty these Latrinos for their wannabe-Pure White European culture that desperately denies their nigger and injun racial ancestries. The only two Latin American countries that I can truly believe that are somewhat predominantly White countries are Argentina and Uruguay and even they sometimes also have a questionable White Population(having a few light-skinned mongrel Mestizos or Castizos in denial).

As a guy who's pure White-American(US) with a half Northern Spaniard heritage(from my Father/Paternal Side), I'm sick and tired of hearing these Spics calling themselves "Spanish" or "White" while hijacking the Spanish language from real pure white Northern Spaniards and bastardizing this beautiful White European language with their Injun and Negro dialects.

Even Spaniards and Portuguese from Spain and Portugal would never consider Latin America to be truly predominantly pure white. Latin America overall is basically a Mestizo/Mulatto/Mongrel region while the real pure white elites in Latin America make up a very small population in the whole region.

All of this is basically the reason why I left Stormfront and started my new VNN account just now. These Stormfront users are just White Nationalist Posers who are desperately accepting Mongrels in Denial Latrinos in their board since they're aware of white purity slowly dying off and don't want to hear things that they really need to hear. While I can acknowledge that White Purity is dying, I'm still not going to accept these so-called "White" Latrinos in to my White Nationalist group. I can think of much better ways to keep White European purity alive than Stormfronters ever would. Besides, this whole Latin American culture is NOT compatible(just like Islam and Judaism aren't compatible with White Nationalism) with White Nationalism and these posers who call themselves "White Supremacists" or "White Nationalists" need to accept this fact!

in denial, mongrels


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