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Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Default Black females are among the most cocky creatures in the world . .

. . another one on black females as I did a while ago ..

Now that the groid population in Germany is also increasing I constantly witness the behavior of negro females . . .

They are among the most aggressive people out there but also bossy . . They wish to appear as 'beauty-queens' , are often thuggish . .

Especially when we talk about African-Americans here in Germany ( yes , they do exist , many of them are offspring of black American soldiers who after the war stayed in Germany , but also genuine ones ) who can be detected by their accent . . .

Concerning African history , females have always played a big role in African society and there are also tales about 'mighty female warriors' . . .

Black females have this boss-ass mentality , even concerning their children . .

I'm going to go into the lion's den and say that many black females might / would even beat males of our race in aggressiveness . .

So . . all in all . . black females =bitchy , boss-ass , confrontative . .

I'm glad for Aryan females who have a deep connection to their partner . .

In contrast to those cocky , boss-ass , street-sluts . .



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