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Default South American Indios

Re-reading my thread about Indians not having horses prior to the Spanish gave me the idea for this thread.

- - -

Well . . South-American Indios . .

. . when Columbus thought to have discovered India while really landing in the Americas he named the people he met there 'los Indios' . . which should later become 'Indians' as a mistaken expression for the then-settlers . .

In South America they are still referred to as 'Indios' . .

Well . . .I already said that the South American Indios probably were a bit 'higher' concerning culture than the ones of the north ( North American ones were nomadic , tribal buffalo-hunters . . ) . .

They had a recorded religion , culture . .

They even had , in a way , cities . .

They held the resource of gold in high regard . . They even were into astrology . . . They had libraries . . pyramids . . So , for an animistic people they were very high . .

And they never experienced Aryan blood flooding in . .

They were , in a way , sun-worshippers . . They were fascinated by heavenly bodies , that's also why they were somewhat into astrology.

I think we all remember the hype a out the world supposedly ending in 2012 back then because the Mayan calendar ended there , lol . .

So . . for their conditions ( being a primitive 'nature-bound people' ) they achieved pretty much.

They also had their dark sides. . .

They had a ritual in which the Maya high priest would tear the heart out of a fully-conscious human being on top of a sacrificial pyramid on an altar.

. .quite barbaric for us today.

. . of course , when the christian Spaniards came they must have thought "What a bunch of savages" . .

Europeans did take over smoking from them though . .

The habit of smoking tobacco came from South-American Indios . . They put tobacco leaves together , put them on fire and inhaled the smoke . . Europeans truly took that over.

Only with Europeans' experiences with South American Indios there came a trend in the European world to also consume tobacco . . . .

Regardless where one stands on the issue of smoking today or the fact that it came to pass because of Indios , today it is common . .

So , yes , indeed ,for being what they are , a 'close to nature'-people , they achieved quite a lot ( for their point of view ). .

The Indio world though was destroyed by the christian Spanish who viewed it as suspicious , especially with all the 'occultism' (from a christian point of view) it contained : astrology , human sacrifice , animism etc . .

Well , today South America is largely Mestizo . . mixed between Euros and Indios ( plus some other admixtures ) . .

The Indio world was , in a way , interesting . . And even a bit 'spooky' at times , lol . .

It has been erased though for about 500 years . .



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