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Default Nietzsche and the Nazis

Nietzsche and the Nazis:
Author draws Unique Links between Nietzsche and Hitler’s Political Ideology

Friedrich Nietzsche is probably best known as the philosopher who “killed” God. However, Abir Taha offers a new vision of him, one that involves the Nazi occult thought, which she details in her groundbreaking new book, Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman; Unveiling the Nazi Secret Doctrine.

“From times immemorial, humanity has dreamt of creating the perfect man, the ‘God-man’ or ‘Superman’. Yet this cult was only clearly expressed in the philosophy of its modern prophet, Nietzsche, and culminated in its fiercest supporter, the National Socialist ideology, a political religion whose main ideal and objective were the creation of a superman species,” Taha says.

Her book, Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism, unveils what she calls “The Nazi Secret Doctrine” or “Esoteric Nazism.” According to Taha, this doctrine is “purely Nietzschean in character.” Through her book, she draws a clear distinction between the hidden Hitlerian thought, which was “aristocratic, supra-national, spiritual and universal,” and the “exoteric, popular, vulgar version of Nazism,” which was based on Pan-German nationalism, socialism and racism. Taha reveals the “spiritual pagan Aryanism” she found inherent in both doctrines.

By taking this stance, Taha has created a unique, intelligent and innovative portrayal of Nietzsche and the Nazis because the book shows both the real Nazi doctrine, which “goes beyond nationalism and biological racism,” as well as Nietzsche’s “hidden eugenicist, spiritual and universal Aryanism.” Taha explains each in detail while establishing a clear, direct link between these two doctrines by analyzing Nazism in the light of Nietzsche’s philosophy. From religious beliefs to views on power, morality and superiority, the book exposes the seams that Taha believes hold the two ideologies together in world history.

A unique portrayal of the link between one of the most controversial philosophers and one of the most enigmatic political groups in history, Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism reveals the depths of the spiritual, racial and political dynamics of their philosophies and the impact they have had on the world.

For more information, visit the book’s web site at
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Arya arhat? More damn Asiatic nonsense!
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Some of the finest works on Nietzsche are by H.L. Mencken. His book, "the Philosophy of Friederich Nietzsche" ( first published back in 1908, I think ) is outstanding. The depth, and the insight into the mind of the philosopher is monumental.
Unfortunately, I do not know of a single publisher who is printing the book at this time. The Noontide Press, back when it was owned by Willis Carto, did print the book. Now Noontide, for some unknown reason does not list it in their inventory. I really think this is the single best book on Nietzsche!
Mencken was only in his 20's when he wrote it, and to think about -what an intellect, what genius to write such a book at that young station in life!
Mencken also did numerous translations, including "The Antichrist".
Jew-controlled media deliberately prevents works like Mencken's from receiving the attention that they so richly deserve. It might make people think, and that's bad for zionism/ jewish supremacism. Parasites work best when undetected.
"...In a Jewed-out society, where the media and ultimately the entire culture is controlled by diabolical kikes, they ( women ) can be controlled like evil puppets. " -A. Anglin
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The ideas of the "Superman" and "Supranational" existed long, long before any writer ever published any book.See the sagas of the Norsemen,Vikings,the Ancient Romans and even more Ancient Greeks.Hitlers ideas came from many sources.Some factual and some fiction.All gathered to support one premise.MAN/Women could be better,have more and do more;as history had already prove over and over again in the past.

No one person or even period influenced the German people at that time.Just as today we are currently influenced by ALL past events and people and only the few in power are able to direct us to any destination that is generally thought, or hoped, to be, for the good of all.

Unfortunately, the Third Reich was built on Nationalism and not race.That was it's down fall.

Still ,nothing, or no one, or no time period; will ever be able to detract from the fact that a relatively few brave,ambitious,very intelligent and courageous men; once had the intestinal fortitude to garb the nation of Germany by the nape of the neck and force it to again raise from it's knees, to stand proudly on it's own feet.Sixty years have now passes, and this accomplishment has yet to be equaled again by anyone, anywhere;and probably never will again.

That's what the "writers" should be writing about.The men who built the Third Reich.The how,who and why.Not about some other "writer" who sat on his ass, and is now given credit for what REAL men fought and died for.
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The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche

Book Description
The first book on Nietzsche ever to appear in English, this examination by legendary journalist H. L. Mencken is still one of the most enlightening. Mencken wrote this book while still in his 20s, but his penchant for thoroughness was evident even at that young age—in preparation for writing this book, he read Nietzsche's works in their entirety, mostly in the original German. A brief biographical sketch is followed by clear and thorough explanations of Nietzsche's basic concepts and attitudes. Analyzed are Nietzsche's much-misunderstood concept of the superman, his concept of eternal recurrence, his rejection of Christianity, and his basic rationalism and materialism. Included are two essays on Nietzsche that appeared in Mencken's magazine The Smart Set subsequent to the publishing of the original edition of this book. Nearly a century after its original publication, this remains one of the clearest, most concise, and entertaining introductions to Nietzsche to date.
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Bernd von Übermensch
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Originally Posted by SUNOFSPARTA
Unfortunately, the Third Reich was built on Nationalism and not race.That was it's down fall.
I don't necessarily agree with this, yes Nationalism was ultimately their downfall, however take into consideration how it was their downfall in the first place. It was this self-same "Race" that you're speaking about.

Secondly, I don't agree with "White Nationalism" it wasn't "Whites" persay that gave us our entire existence. It was nations! When Denmark was on top, it forced the rest to become better than they were previously and in such become better than Denmark. Same with France, England, Rome, Sweden etc etc. It was this differences between the people(not only cultural), that forced other nations to become greater.

If we become a selective "White" race, who will we compete with? Will we eventually have to break up this so-called "Great White nation" into many different, self-governed states in order to have a competition that will see us become greater then what we already are?

Or will we just sit still on what we accomplished for many centuries to come, with only under-evolved Africa, the brown scum in Middle-east and the Slit-eyes in the East as our competitors- intellectually, scientifically and technologically? If so we will eventually downgrade ourselves to their level and inevitably the Communist idea of "equality" will be fulfilled. We will all be equally stupid.

Just like in a Athletic 100M dash, there will be someone greater then yourself, that however doesn't stop you, Why? Because it comes natural to us to want to achieve more in life, so the end-result would be you'd go out push yourself harder to compete with this "nemisis" of yours on the track. And eventually beat him, even if you don't you became stronger you became faster and you became better then you were before.

These things won't happen if you look at life as "Race-nationalism". Because inevitably we will have to compete with other "Races" to achieve more, and hopefully there'll be aliens by then to be competition for us mentally, since there isn't a people on this planet capable of it except whites with different opinions and different goals.

I support the Third Reichs, German Nationalism, just like I would support another German Nationalism. As Britain, France and the Scandinavian countries should strive for their own Nationalism. Not a collective ideology that will see our people become nothing in the future.

It's these differences that we should strive to protect, NATIONALISM is our Future, not a collective "White Race". That's is a ridiculous dream that will only see our precious "White Race" go into History as an under achieving bunch of know-nothings, perhaps they(The historians in the future) will have the thought in mind that we were perhaps previously "oppressive" towards the others because we achieved more than the rest(This could be plausible since the Historian writing it, definately won't be white, we won't have a history to write about).

These same arguments can be used over and over again when it comes to Male and Female roles in society, we want to preserve differences not make them extinct. Else sexually we'll all be Transexuals and Mentally we'll all be dumbed down in every single field known to man today.
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Originally Posted by Aryaarhat
Her book, Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism, unveils what she calls “The Nazi Secret Doctrine” or “Esoteric Nazism.” According to Taha, this doctrine is “purely Nietzschean in character.” Through her book, she draws a clear distinction between the hidden Hitlerian thought, which was “aristocratic, supra-national, spiritual and universal,” and the “exoteric, popular, vulgar version of Nazism,” which was based on Pan-German nationalism, socialism and racism. Taha reveals the “spiritual pagan Aryanism” she found inherent in both doctrines.
I think that the importance of Nietzsche to the National-Socialist cause in Germany has been overstated, mainly because of the residue of Allied World War One propaganda that used quotes from Nietzsche to characterize the Germans as ruthless atheists. There is no mention of Nietzsche anywhere in Mein Kampf, and there are only two brief mentions in Alfred Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century. When Rosenberg gave a speech on the 100th anniversary of Nietzsche's birth, it was only with a lot of qualifications that he praised the man. It is completely false, as some people claim, that Nietzsche was "used" by the National-Socialists in their propaganda: this would have been counterproductive because the vast majority of Germans and party members were solidly Christian.

I have been surprised to find recently, however, that Nietzsche's influence on the social sciences during the Third Reich was considerable. If there was an esoteric national-socialism, it was in the area of anthropology and psychology, but this was not "spiritual" and "universal" in the New Age sense. Nietzsche was all about man as a biological entity, and this was the emphasis of the social sciences in the Third Reich. This esoteric National-Socialism supported the racial policies.

I wonder what Taha's assumptions are about "vulgar" National-Socialism. Very likely they are false, so that her perception of a dichotomy would be based to some extent on the difference between myth and reality rather than exoteric and esoteric.

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abir taha


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