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Default National-Socialism, Music, and the Golden Age

National-Socialism, Music, Order and the Golden Age
by David Myatt

The fundamental truth about National-Socialism is that National-Socialism represents and expresses something profound, noble, beautiful and civilized(1). It represents and expresses in a realistic and practical way what, for example, all the great Aryan composers have striven to represent and express in their greatest and most profound music. It makes real - and can make real - that profound noble vision, that intuition, which lies at the heart of such music and which expresses the real essence of very humanity, of what it means to be alive and possessed of the divine faculty of consciousness, of individuality itself. National-Socialism represents and expresses the divine light of human existence itself - and those, for some rare, moments of wisdom and insight when we are aware of the awe, beauty, purpose and order of life itself. And it is such moments of wisdom and insight - of awe - that all great artists and musicians have saught to express in their greatest works throughout the thousands of years of civilization.

National-Socialism represents and expresses, for instance, the sublimity, the divine beauty, the almost ineffable numinosity which Beethoven captured in the Second Movement of his Opus 59, number 3 "Razumovsky" Quartet - and which Schubert captured in parts of his "Death and the Maiden" Quartet. It represents and expresses the inspiring Aryan fury, defiance and joy which Wilhelm Furtwangler captured in his tremendous March 53 yf (1942) Berlin performance of Beethoven's glorious Ninth Symphony. It represents and expresses the Aryan desire to transmute great tragedy and suffering into a noble vision of a better world - for it is the vision which Goethe expressed in his "Faust"; which Wagner expressed in his "Ring" cycle, and which Homer expressed in his "Odyssey" and his "Iliad". National-Socialism represents the divine, awesome but simple and beautiful order which is life and which J. S. Bach captured many times in his beautiful and profound counterpoint. National-Socialism represents and expresses the pursuit of a human, personal, excellence and a human beauty which the Greek sculptor Praxiteles captured and which inspired great artists like Michelangelo and Arno Brecker. But above all else, National-Socialism represents and expresses what is noble and civilized - the desire for order and goodness made real through a striving for honour.

Expressed simply, National-Socialism is the culmination of our unique, civilized heritage - a profound yet practical expression of what being human, and being civilized, means. National-Socialism is an expression of the triumph of the Aryan over adversity, tragedy, suffering and disorder; it is a unique expression of the triumph of the Aryan will - of the civilizing destiny of the Aryan, and thus of the very purpose of our lives, as individuals: to capture and try to express the divine order, the divine beauty, the divine excellence, in ourselves and in our world.

Just as we who are civilized and noble at heart, on hearing music such as the Adagio of Schubert's String Quintet (D956) - or Purcell's "Music For A While" (sung by a counter-tenor) - are moved to almost tears, and just as such music captures and expresses the yearning and the often fateful sadness which inhabits our soul, so too can we be moved and inspired by National-Socialism, for this unique way of living, this spiritual movement founded by Adolf Hitler, expresses and represents what, for example, Beethoven was moved to express, all those decades ago.

The sublime, beautiful and simple truth about Adolf Hitler is that he knew - and felt - the inspiration, the awe, the beauty and the sadness which every great artist knows and feels and which inspires them to try and transmute their inner vision, their inner understanding, into a great work of art. Adolf Hitler knew and felt the desire that all great artists have to try and communicate this inspiration, this understanding, to others - and like the greatest of all great artists he possessed a dream of a better, more noble world.

But Adolf Hitler possessed much more than the soul of a great artist; he was much more than a man of noble vision. For he was also gifted with a truely remarkable insight into practical realities and people themselves. He not only yearned to make his noble vision real, but he also - and uniquely - possessed the personal qualities necessary to make it real, against all the odds. In truth, Adolf Hitler loved his people as he desired to create a better, more advanced and more noble society for them, and a more noble world in general. The National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler, and his National-Socialist movement, was the means - the living work of art - whereby this truely remarkable genius could communicate and make real his inner, noble, vision of a new Golden Age, a new and higher, civilized order. The real genius and the real greatness of Adolf Hitler is that he has given us a practical means whereby we can create a new Golden Age and so continue with the glorious and divine work of evolution which is expressed and represented in race(2) and in individual character. He has given us the practical means to fulfil the true and noble purpose of our individual lives - this purpose is to continue the glorious work of evolution which is the human species: to preserve, hand-on and extend still further the divine spark of creation which exists in us and which is made manifest in our consciousness, our ability to think, our ability to understand and discover, and in the civilized order, art, music and goodness we have created.

The simple, and profound, truth about National-Socialism is that it is the greatest work of art, of civilization, yet produced. It possesses the power, the inspiration, necessary for us to change our lives for the better, as it possesses the very essence of nobility - of what is necessary to create a new Golden Age and the first truely evolutionary society on this planet of ours. Furthermore, National-Socialism, and National-Socialism alone, possesses the power and the inspiration necessary to continue our upward development through the creation of a Galactic Empire - freeing us from the confines of our planet to thus enable us to fulfil our glorious god-like Destiny among the stars of our galaxy and among the galaxies of the cosmos itself.

National-Socialism is more profound, more awesome, more Aryan, for instance, than Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Goethe's "Faust" or Homer's "Odyssey" - because it is a conscious and rational expression of our very soul, our inner Aryan vision for a more noble world, a new Golden Age and a new beginning where we can reach up toward a higher form of god-like living. One can go so far as to say that all great works of Aryan art merely prepared the way for National-Socialism. Before National-Socialism, such works inspired, or could inspire us with noble and civilized feelings, as they could provide us with a momentary insight and understanding - when we attended a performance of such music, for instance. But this appreciation of their worth, the inspiration and understanding so afforded, was and is nothing compared to the insight, advancement, change and understanding National-Socialism can bring us.

All this is so because National-Socialism is a living, growing "work of art" - the inspiration, the means whereby we can change ourselves for the better through the power of our will, and a means whereby we can change our society, our way of life, for the better. National-Socialism and National-Socialism alone represents the glorious future which can be ours just as it represents everything which is cultured, noble, ordered, rational, evolutionary and civilized. Everything else represents, in however small a way, the chaos, dishonour and barbarous anti-evolution of a sub-human way of living.

Taken from: Future Reich: National-Socialism, Order and the Triumph of Individual Will by David Myatt


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