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Post UK Wastes 500M on Foreign Aid to the Most Corrupt Countries in the World

UK Wastes 500M on Foreign Aid to the Most Corrupt Countries in the World

by: sven


January 3, 2013

Almost £90million went to Somalia, the most corrupt country in the world.

Britain gave nearly half a billion pounds in foreign aid to help people in the ten most corrupt countries in the world in 2012, a new analysis claims.

The UK has now reached the Governmentís controversial target of spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on international aid, with the total reaching more than £11.2 billion last year.

However, analysis of an annual index of global corruption compiled by the respected organisation Transparency International has shown that the recipients of British overseas support included nearly all the countries who have the most serious problems with bribery and abuse of power, The Daily Mail reported.

In 2012 the UK donated £86.8 million to help people in Somalia, ranked the most corrupt nation in the world.

There was also £200 million in British aid for Afghanistan, rated third in Transparency Internationalís list.

In many cases the money is channelled via charities and agencies rather than being given directly to the countriesí governments in an attempt to avoid it being pocketed by corrupt officials.

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Instead of spending the 500M on the UK's most vulnerable white citizens, they send the money to Somoolian baby factories who spread disease and pump out niglets by the dozen. When the niglets grow up into adult Somoolians, they immigrate to western countries where they soak up even more taxpayer dollars. That's what you get when you have an open-door immigration policy. The third world forces their trash on us and this makes our countries nastier, stupider and more violent.

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