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Default UK White Flight - shown in a couple of reports

As with these reports they are already quite dated and probably well underestimate the numbers.

Where are their children & grandchildren going to run to, Australia, Eastern Europe?

The Sunday Times - Britain
April 10, 2005

Immigration rise increases segregation in British cities
David Leppard

WHITE and ethnic minority communities in some of Britain’s biggest cities are becoming increasingly segregated as a result of rising immigration, a report will say this week.
An increasingly mobile population means that white families are moving from Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford to be replaced by immigrants from Asia. The population of Pakistani origin in those cities has risen by between 45.8% and 52.8% in a decade.
The study, by the Migrationwatch think tank, is based on the official census figures for 1991 and 2001. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “A major factor is the high rate of marriage to partners on the Indian subcontinent, which we estimate at 50-70%.

“This substantially increases the rate of household formation and certainly, in the first generation, the size of families.”

The report follows a study which showed that in the same period about 606,000 more people moved from London than arrived from elsewhere in the country while there was a net inflow of 726,000 immigrants to the capital.

...According to Migrationwatch, the areas showing the greatest absolute decline in white population were Manchester (a drop of 36,227 from a 1991 white population of 359,000), Birmingham (a drop of 67,161 from 766,000) and Bradford (a drop of 23,105 from 392,000).

Birmingham has seen a rise in its ethnic population of 62,440 over the period between the two census studies, Bradford an increase of 24,160 and Manchester a rise of 16,168.

“A comparison of the 1991 and 2001 censuses shows that there is clear evidence of a link between the proportion of ethnic minorities in a particular area and the rate at which the white population has declined,” says Migrationwatch.

The report confirms a trend identified in a report from the London School of Economics last year. It found that in inner-city areas ethnic minorities were becoming isolated because the white population was moving out. However, the LSE academics concluded that in the country as a whole the spread of ethnic minorities to almost every local council area had led to greater integration.

The new Migrationwatch report says the ethnic mix of big cities is rapidly changing and that the significance of these changes was summed up by a government report last July.

“There are concerns about the speed at which newcomers can be accommodated,” said the government report. “The identity of the host community will be challenged and (people) need sufficient time to come to terms with and accommodate incoming groups, regardless of their ethnic origin.”
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Default Compare this article at bottom of page in the same paper

This article doesnt seem to square with the white flight that the thread started with -- article below.. Deeds over words to researchers. I guess.

It's also one thing saying "I don't mind" and another having the experience of it.

Just returned from a Spring day drive and almost got out of the car and beat some black character who seemed to think it was OK to walk in slow motion in the road in front of the car while giving me a dirty look. Scum.


Laid-back Britain tolerates everything, except the state
John Elliott

BRITAIN has emerged as one of the most tolerant nations in the world. A wide-ranging survey of national attitudes, comparing international beliefs and values, found that we are more likely to embrace our neighbours whatever their ethnic background. Britons are also more tolerant of casual sex, divorce and drug use.

However, while Britons are more accepting of alternative lifestyles, they are less trusting of public institutions. Confidence in the political system in this country is half that in many other countries. The World Values Survey was compiled using research from the London School of Economics. About 175,000 people were questioned in 81 countries.

It finds that Britain is one of the more easy-going nations when it comes to who we are happy to live next to. In Britain, 91% are not concerned by having neighbours of a different race compared with 68% in Turkey, 83% in Belgium and a world average of 84%.

Gay people are also less likely to be discriminated against in Britain. Only a quarter of us think homosexuality is “never justifiable”, compared with 32% of Americans, 71% of Indians and a world average of 56%. The findings confirm Britain’s long history of accepting people with different backgrounds and lifestyles, according to Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

..Marriage appears to be taken less seriously in Britain than many other countries, with the proportion who believe it is an outdated institution rising from 18% to 26% between 1990 and 2000. Nearly nine out of 10 believe divorce can be justified, compared with a world average of 74%.

..Casual sex: 63% believe casual sex can be justified compared with 61% in Germany, 51% in Italy and just 6% in Malta.

Smoking marijuana ..52% of us believe smoking marijuana is never justified, compared with a European average of 75%.

Attitudes to abortion ..only a quarter believing it can never be justified, compared with a world average of 44%. The nation most tolerant of abortion is Sweden, where only 5% disapprove very strongly whatever the circumstances. Zimbabwe is the most pro-life, 92% believing abortion can never be justified.

Britain is markedly more open to euthanasia than most other countries and is also ready to believe that suicide can be justifiable.

..Britons’ growing cynicism towards the political process. Confidence in the political system is about 23% and in parliament just 36%. British confidence in the European Union fell from 47% to 26% between 1990 and 2000.

Britons are also less trusting of business. Confidence in big companies fell from 48% to 40% between 1990 and 2000.

..British churches, ..42% of those interviewed said they considered themselves “a religious person”. While 72% claim to believe in God, ..33% believe the church offers answers to moral problems.

..Philip Pullman, the author, suggested Britain’s growing lack of interest in religion might help explain our tolerance. “The more religion you have, the less tolerant you are,” he said. “It sounds as if Britain is a healthy secular society.”


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