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Default Your local dialects

A while ago I did a thread about dialects in general in the same section . .

This thread is supposed to be about the dialects spoken in your respective areas , no matter the country . .

An example about my area. The people of Lower-Saxony of which Bremen is a part in the long run (Bremen is a city-state ) don't really communicate a dialect anymore . .

In old times they gave up their 'Plattdeutsch' ( Northern German ) for Hochdeutsch ( standard german ) . . I already gave the development behind this occurance in the other thread.

So . . not really any 'Plattdeutsch'-communicators in my area. ( the Plattdeutsch-talkers in my area are mostly farmers or very down-to-earth people ) . .

However , despite us communicating Hochdeutsch we still have a strong Northern German accent , some say . . Which means , despite talking relatively neutral hochdeutsch we can be detected by our acccent.

- - -

Thus far concerning me . .

. . what about you ?

- - -

What I know about the dialect-situation in other countries . . .

I know that the USA also has different accents to say the least , the British Isles , that inside France for example it is said that the people of Paris talk 'the most understandable French' , that Castilian is the 'purest form of Spanish' , for example . .

I would be curious about people from Eastern Europe ( I know we have some here ) and of course also other nationalities.

- - -

Dialects , dialects , dialects ......

Well . . maybe mankind should have been a bit more careful at the 'tower of babel'

. .

Just kidding guys.
- - -

What's your talk ?

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Talking confused? nah

When I'm in the NYC area people think I'm from Philly or Baltimore ...Philadelphians say New Yawker.

Might be because I was born in New Jersey at my great grandfather's place and spent a lot of time there and in the Hudson Valley north of NYC when I was young working my ass off on farms owned by my relations. But I spent most of the rest my civilian life in the metro NYC area.

My sisters (all nine of them) are NYC/Chicago urbanites and when they get a little inebriated at family gatherings laff and joke about the 'accent' as if I was raised in the backwoods of Appalachia ...especially my 'baby' twin sisters who married well but grew up on Long Island saturated with degenerate wigger culture.

So, I reckon this be it:


Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

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I used to catch a lot of shit for what many thought was a Canadian accent when I first arrived out east.

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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