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alex revision
Default Demonizing Germany: A Daily Job of the jewish Media

Demonizing Germany: A Daily Job of the jewish Media

October 29, 2019

Ever notice all the articles harkening back to WWII lately? The prosecution of a so-called “guard” for a labor camp, a newly-discovered unsung hero who did (who cares) during the D-Day invasion, a “hollowcost” survivor who (despite being a newborn in 1945) vows to “never forget” and kvetch endlessly about how hounded/oppressed/non-worshiped the jews are. Et cetera. Et cetera.

You see it in films, tv, news, documentaries, video games, novels, everywhere – Germany must apologize since they refuse to perish. Have you noticed how the Italians (currently having rapefugees pushed on them) and Japanese are not treated with such vitriol? If anything, Italian and Japanese culture is afforded a mystique and respect when compared to how even the most distant Germanic history is distorted, degraded and minimized.


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