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Old September 11th, 2017 #1
Marco Polo
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Marco Polo
Default Chinks ban European soft cheese

China takes hard line on soft cheese imports

Is this a case of the super clean and pathologically hygienic chinks worried that they may suffer from bacteria used to produce soft cheeses? LOL!

Or is this a case of the filthy and unhygienic chink making an excuse to block

European cheese from being imported to China because:
  • A family member of a chinese government official who wants to get wealthy selling "authentic" European cheese in China
  • Somebody has bribed a chinese government official who wants to get wealthy selling "authentic" European cheese in China

Considering the filthy conditions that exists in the millions of Chinese restaurants, it is laughable the chink government is concerned with dangers posed by European soft cheese.

Likely some sneaky chink realized that rich chinks are starting to mimic the Aryan custom of fine dining on soft cheese and want to exploit this market.

But do not worry, other sneaky chinks will pay other government officials so that they can get rich illegally importing authentic "authentic European" soft cheese.

But then other sneaky chinks will start producing "authentic" authentic "authentic European" soft cheese.

Just as water fills all available space it can reach, the sneaky greedy chink will fill every market with illegal activity ... until the government if forced to "crack down".
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
- Ancient Confucian Proverb




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