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Old September 11th, 2017 #1
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Exclamation what happened to Alternative-Right Blog?

I recall a great blog .
IT was a very mild website. Even highly critical of the AltRight.
and especially critical of Andrew Anglin.
So, I'm surprised to see the site has been down for perhaps 10 days.

I do recall the blog was from The U.K.
So, the complete URL was

So, was it taken down by the government?
OR, did an organized group take the blog down?

IF so, I hope the author realizes that BLOGGER is VERY GOOD about allowing free speech.
SO, if he appeals the removal, I'm sure he'll win.
Old September 12th, 2017 #2
Nockda Redout
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Nockda Redout

The B'nai Brith has been threatening to censor the internet for years now.

alternative-right, altright, blogger


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