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Dan Hadaway
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Dan Hadaway
Default Trump impeachment would leave a power vacuum

If the Trump impeachment were successful it would leave a power vacuum in the GOP. I'm not sure how well Pence would do against the Dems, but I think it would, at least, leave an opportunity for someone to step in who would actually do what Trump said he would do in 2016.

Because America First (, was never about getting Donald Trump elected. Donald Trump merely used it for political gain. It's just too bad most of the Republican Party's base is too stupid to see this, and would likely shun someone legit.

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Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti

I'm sure Jeb would be happy to step in and fill that vacuum.
All these ideas…are chained to the existence of men, to who[m]…they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence of these ideas. --Adolf Hitler


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