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sam houston
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sam houston
Default #ReleaseTheSnyderCut or How Yid Snyder Extorted 30 million to redo failed Justice League.

Yid Zack Snyder who gave us a murdering Superman in Man of Steel. As well as a murdering Batman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, followed up these movies with Justice League. Justice League was the worst superhero movie ever made.

During the filming of Justice League Zack's daughter offed herself and he quit the movie. Some say he was fired. Anyway Warner Bros decided to hire Joss Whedon to do reshoots and finish the movie. Seemed like a good idea. After all Whedon directed the 1st and 2nd Avengers movies which made $3 billion . Well the movie was a mess and a box office failure. Zack and his supporters insisted he made a complete and different version. People such as Kevin Smith Jason Momoa etc said the saw it and it was great.

For over 2 yrs on billboards, Twitter and other social media the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut became popular. On May 20 2020 Yid Snyder had a livestream during the livestream he and Henry Cavill his Superman announced that the SnyderCut of Justice will be coming to HBO Max in 2021.
Warner Bros which owns HBO and DC decided to give Zack 30 million dollars to "complete " his vision and give us the Justice League we"deserve".

Now if he's being given 30 million dollars to complete his movie, this means he lied to everyone. His supporters who said they saw the Snyder cut lied to everyone. Basically he is guilty of fraud and extortion. Yet this news is being celebrated all over media. Print,twitter,facebook Tv news ,Youtube everybody is delirious.

Another Yid gets away with an economic crime.


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