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Frank Toliver
Formerly Cowboy Zeke
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Frank Toliver
Default The most important thing I learned during this Corona bullshit

The most important thing I have learned from this corona virus hoax is this; liberals are unbelievably stupid and easily led, and impervious to facts and reality, and they will try to destroy you if you question their lies or the lies of their masters.

When you step back and look at it, these people are the most fearful pathetic morons. They are the ones getting super alarmed in the face of facts, and freaking out over precautions against something that is not dangerous but is being used to control people.

They cry over the feelings of niggers, they obsess over being cool, they rage over their fantasies, and are willing to use violence at all times. They do exactly what the government says and hate you for questioning authority, when all the time they are saying shit like 'speak truth to power' and 'Believe all women', their own leaders are rapists and pedophiles and anyone that questions them or brings proof is the enemy.

They will circle wagons like no other and cast out anyone not 100% behind their ever changing ideology and undeclared goals (Hint: It ends with people fucking children publicly).

Liberals are shit people they are nothing but a group of nation wrecking worms, and they have no principles. They just do what those in power tell them to do, as long as they have their drugs and sexual freedom. They don't care much about anything except their image.

The 'cool kids' are pussies.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.
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Kosher Clown
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Kosher Clown

Libshits are truest forms of Mass-Men. They're the epitome of of the Jewish definition of goyische 'Democracy'. ��
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Garrick Fenstad
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Garrick Fenstad

i shit on lib-shits.
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M. Delataire
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M. Delataire

I would add that they also want someone else to solve their problems for them. How many times have you been somewhere with a sign saying to send an "anonymous complaint". This is so they are protected if the complaint does not work or so that they can brag and virtue signal if something is done.


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